Intermittent lag

Hey guys I have a question about my connection. In every online game I play I get an occasional lag/jump in game maybe once every 2 min or so. In some games it happens more than others, but it always seems to happen at the wrong time like when encountering an enemy in CSS, or TF2. I can't figure it out because I have great ping in most games (60 and below) and other than the jumping every 1-2 min it runs butter smooth.
Any ideas?

PC specs:
-Q9400 quadcore oced at 3.6
-4870 HD 512mb
-4g Gskill ram
650watt corsair PSU
-Asus P5Q pro turbo
-linksys usb wireless internet adapter

My internet provider is Comcast (we have had connection issues with them before but nothing of this sort.)
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  1. I also just figured out that when it lags it does it in the same pattern each time. It lags once for like half a second, then the game resumes for a sec, and then it freezes for about a second again.
  2. still having this problem
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