8800GTS 320M worth $110???

Is a 8800GTS 320M worth $110???

I had a 3870 512M, but it burned up. I got a refund. I dont feel like spending $200 again.

How will the 8800GTS look compared to the 3870?

My pc is old. I have 1 PCIe 16x slot and a pentium D 920 with 4G 800mhz DDR2.

Will this 8800GTS be a fit for my old system and will it keep me gaming another year? Games like COD4 and the Starcraft II coming this year.

EDIT: the 8800GTS is an eVGA.
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  1. I have one. I like it. What res you playing at? Higher isnt so good do to the memory. But otherwise Ive no complaints. Waiting on the 4xxx series or the G200 tho
  2. i play at 1152 or 1280 resolutions.
  3. Same as mine. I like my card, also a evga. Not as good as your ATI, but itll handle most games out at that res with a lil eyecandy on some games as well
  4. I'd say go for the 8800GS instead. It can be had for around the same price and they are neck and neck at stock settings, but the GS is a crazy overclocker that can achieve a great deal higher of performance than the 8800GTS 320mb
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130332

    They upped it by $10 and added shipping charges. Still the card should perform like 8800gt once overclocked. Extra 64meg over 8800gts 320mb helps too.

    Or get a 9600gt. Not as potent in raw performance but much better with AA.
  6. Definately get the 8800 GS over the 8800 GTS 320. The GS is a little bit better at stock speeds, and a lot better if you can OC it. And it is about the same price.
  7. 8800GS is not better than the 320MB GTS.It's not all that much worse than 9600GT except in crysis but the GS isnt going to fair much better here either due to less VRAM.You can also easily give the GTS a 100Mhz overclock on stock.Perhaps even more but i havent tried.
    But yes i would say 9600GT is a much better option than both.
  8. Well, I didn't say get the 8800 GS over the 9600GT, now did I?

    And in Shader intensive games, the GS is better than the GTS 320. Especially, if you OC it, that's when it really shows how much better. Stock speeds, they are very similar in performance. The 320 has more memory bandwith, less ram, less shader. The GS has less memory bandwith, more ram and better shaders. Which in the long run, the GS is a better option for the shader benefits, as more and more games are needing that instead of memory bandwith.
  9. The GS also has 96 SP's.Am i missing something?
  10. The below is all quoted from Marvelous's review of the GS. It can be seen bouncing up and down this forum. The GS just has a faster shader clock, meaning better shader performance.

    Core Clock: 500 MHz
    Shader Clock: 1200 MHz
    Memory Clock: 800 MHz (1600 DDR)
    Memory Bandwidth: 64 GB/sec
    FLOPS: 230.4 GFLOPS
    Pixel Fill Rate: 10000 MPixels/sec
    Texture Fill Rate: 12000 MTexels/sec

    Core Clock: 550 MHz
    Shader Clock: 1375 MHz
    Memory Clock: 800 MHz (1600 DDR)
    Memory Bandwidth: 38.4 GB/sec
    Pixel Fill Rate: 6600 MPixels/sec
    Texture Fill Rate: 26400 MTexels/sec

    8800GS has massive texture fillrate and faster SP over G80GTS. G80GTS has more pixel fillrate + memory bandwidth. G92 are better geared towards the future with faster shader.

    All that memory bandwidth is crippled with 320mb vram with AA. Memory bandwidth alone doesn't give you massive performance. It's pixel and texture fillrate and shader for effects. AF uses texture fillrate. AA uses both pixel and texture fillrate, memory bandwidth and more memory. As more shader games arise 8800gs with faster shader will only get faster with less or slower SP.
  11. Thinker_145 said:
    The GS also has 96 SP's.Am i missing something?

    At stock speeds they are even. Once overclocked though 8800gs is a beast because really it's 75% of the G92GTS and 80% of the 8800gt. It can easily outperform a 9600gt in raw performance without AA. Probably by 10-15% since raw numbers derive from shader and fillrate long as memory isn't bottlenecking it too much. 8800gts 320mb might be better for AA because it has more bandwidth but it's also crippled by 320mb vram which would be the limiting factor in modern games with AA. Memory bandwdith helps in raw performance but not as much as core or SP.

    You might want to check this out. I've helped push BFG10k to do the benches to show how games are effected with SP, core clocks, Memory bandwidth... Basically core and memory bandwidth pushes AA performance. In raw performance it's core and SP.


    These 8800gs at stock speed are really downclocked to 550/1375/800 because Nvidia didn't want it performing like 8800gt. It can easily overclock to 700mhz/1700+SP/2000+DDR especially the EVGA model with 1ns ram. At this speed though raw performance would be neck and neck with a stock 8800gt.

    Basically if you want to play games with AA and want a decent budget card. 9600gt.

    You want more power that can outperform 9600gt in raw performance and maybe more in future shader intensive games. 8800gs.

    8800gts 320mb has the pixel fillrate advantage and memory bandwidth but 8800gs has edge on texture fillrate and SP performance. It really evens out but when 8800gs is overclocked it can easily outperform GTS 320. I wouldn't get a GTS 320mb now because you get all the bells and whistles of a G92 with a 8800gs. Better TRMS image quality, better HDCP support, etc..
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