XFX 680i BIOS update

I've never done a BIOS update before, and i can't seem to find anywhere in the BIOS that even hints at a BIOS flash/update utility.

I have the BIOS bin file in the root directory of my usb flash drive. Is this method even possible? Anyways i'm a complete noob to this and i couldn't seem to find any helpful instruction through google. I'd prefer not to use any windows based flash utilities...i don't trust windows stability.
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  1. Using the ISO provided by XFX on their website is by far the easiest hands off approach to flashing your bios. Burn the ISO to a CD, restart PC, enter your bios and make sure to load defaults and make the cd-drive 1st boot priority, press F10 to save, hit Enter and when the PC restarts it will boot from the CD and the ISO will run itself and update your bios.

    As for having the .bin file on your USB, I know you can enter the flash utility by pressing ALT-F2 and the utility may see your .bin and update that way. I know it does from a CD, not sure if it's the same for a USB drive.

    Good luck to you.
  2. This is what i get when i try to flash.


    It's not my image, put the error is the same.
  3. I figured it out, did a successful BIOS update with a dvd disc. Still feels wrong using a whole disc for 1mb file.
  4. Glad you got it. Sorry bout your DVD. I keep CD-RW's around for purposes such as this.
  5. I couldn't find my RW, besides i wasn't sure if the BIOS file had to be the only thing on the disc or not. However it made me feel better that i got the pkg of blank dvds for free with an order :)

    BTW to those with the random 6 or 9 multiplier thing on reboots on a 680i. The latest BIOS seems to have remedied that.
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