Question about Intel Matrix RAID

I currently have 2*500 gb HDs configured in matrix RAID. First partition is RAID 0 Vista boot section, and the second part is RAID 1 for data.

What I want to do is first resize the partitions (without losing data), as my boot section is unnecessarily large (65+65=130 gb).

Then I hope to arrange 3 RAID 0 boot sections and rest as RAID 1 data section. I want to dedicate 3 RAID 0 boot sections to XP, Vista and Win 7.

However I see that Intel Matrix RAID supports only two sections, one RAID 0, the other RAID 1. Is it possible to arrange more than one RAID 0 partitions in Intel Matrix RAID?
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  1. you can partition that first raid0 volume into 3 pieces if you like
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