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Arctic Cool Accelero S1 Rev. 2 -> 2600 agp?!

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March 31, 2008 11:09:45 PM

The combo in question is in the title. Since scrapping my seemingly "life long" dream of sata 2 upgrade is on hold after my trusty 9550se has had its last spring (pun intended-I am here in "less than" 2d mode) :) 

I have targetted the 2600pro AGP for dx10 and my mpeg2 encoding tragedy...
Of course I do not want my 3 fan cooled system to be made an idiot with the only model of 2600agp having a retarded fan.

I found this cooler and saw it got awards..and it is currently sold out at newegg...

Arctic Cool Accelero S1 Rev. 2

This is the card I could not find ...
msi 2600 pro passive cooled agp

The vision tek I did find is great price, with lousy cooling, and adheres close to aTI specs of what this model can do (Mpeg2 etc etc) . The arctic cool site claims it fits, but failed to mention AGP or PCIe..looking for real world answer.As far as I can tell, the list of other at, has it as an agp contender. I hope I am not the one to try and put this together and see it doesn't.My current reverse cooled xp90 with duct work would make this a very nice addition...

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April 1, 2008 3:41:07 PM

Wow. AMD is putting their logo on the ATI cards now? What a shame.

Well in reference, the PCIe card and AGP card are almost the same. If it doesn't state a specific model(i.e. PCIe/AGP only) then it should work for either one.
April 1, 2008 4:18:08 PM

This is not apples to apples, but I have that cooler with a different AGP card - the 3850.
The AGP version isn't specifically callled out as compatible either, but it does fit.
I played it safe though - I knew what card I wanted and knew I was going to replace the stock cooler - so
I purcahsed the card and then measured before hand to make sure the cooler would fit.
If you can spare the extra time to wait for the cooler after you have the card, its the safest way to go.

The cooler works great - but its hard to find. I ended up getting it from case-mods since it never seemed
to be in stock at the egg (actually in came in stock for 1 day -after- I had already purchased it from the other place).

Hope that helps
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April 1, 2008 6:03:57 PM

hey thanks, very helpful.

I have had nothing but tragedies with all brands of all vid cards since the dawn of AGP...until I went with an onboard 845 chipset graphoc a few years ago as backup. It couldn't do much but is still running today on the extinct little p4 of yester...
MSI with the ati logo in an msi mobo has been very very good.Of course following advice to match micron and a derivative of the memory speed is usually a winner (ie: 9550 se has 200 mhz, my system has 800 == 2.5 years excellent error free runs even with half life 2 and mpeg2) it ended up being one of my top three out of a dozen personal fails over a decade.
Visiontek with thier supply all over the place, including ebay, for prices that do not match the original (seem very very low) has me nervous, because that is where I went to immediately alleviate my problem.
Put the worry of the logo where the facts are, and then make a statement. :sweat: 
I did find ati technologies website with no foriegn branding at all, and the 2600 isn't there. When I see a model missing from thier list I have always pondered a failure from the get go..or on the other hand, assume it was too popular to keep on the shelf. Thier prices have always been way high for a reason...

I will wait for the cooler before sparking it up. The 2600 pro (if anyone hasn't noticed) is exactly for the 800mhz multithreader machines , and cannot go any faster than the numbers given without a crazy kamikaze lurking...
The big money for even bigger agp cards has me wondering who has the big mouth and small brain... :pt1cable: 
One last note: the 2600 is 65nm and my 2.8e is 90nm.. I am safely assuming a good combo for its last upgrade. and hopefully its most susccesful. No more .13nm bullets from the 9550se.
April 1, 2008 7:35:09 PM

Hummm, big money for bigger agp card/big mouth and small brain?
I'm not sure, but i think I've been insulted :-) Well, I've been called worse.

To that point, my system is a older Asus mobo with an FX-60 in it. The 3850 isn't bottlenecked by my cpu or the AGP port - so it made sense for me (I wanted to milk another year out of the rig before upgrading).

And a point of clarification on my original note. I meant that you should order your card and then measure it to make sure the cooler will fit before you order the cooler. If you want to use the card with the stock cooler before you get the new one, you should be able to do so if you like.
April 3, 2008 12:07:49 PM

The cooler is the same one i have, it is quiet and nice.
April 5, 2008 10:28:30 PM

hey thanks again, not out to insult anybody. I got the card today, and looked it over, being sure nothing was wrong by eyesight. Went through the routine of install, and it worked great.
The vid card fan, which drove me to get a passive cooler before I even got the card... for some unknown reason, is regulating. Not only that , it is quiet, no matter the load. (could be the "smart power" power supply that plugs into the mobo to monitor the psu fan) is regulating. It is quiet enough that I am leaving the accelero for future use in another system I will be building. the avivo stuff really brought things to life. the encoding is still a very time consuming event, but it is a quality one.
Any tips on why my encoding time is horrifying?
vdub mpeg2 picked up right away at 100% faster. windows is being a retard.. and ulead studio has very good quality increase, but same speed to encode.
thanks for help.
April 5, 2008 11:06:11 PM

Glad the card/fan worked out for you. Definetly save and use that Accelero - its a great cooler.

As for your encoding issue, whats the rest of your system specs??
I'm not familiar with the apps you mention but if I had to guess I'd say its your cpu - but post your
specs for review.
April 6, 2008 4:54:21 AM

I just played the classic version of counterstrike, after installing steam, kinda outgrew it like my friends .it has only been 564 days since the last time I played it.been with it since the beginning, I remember getting excited about a new card and downloading with a 56k modem. :pt1cable: 
This is by far the biggest card I have ever run. My room is screaming right now (you may know what I mean)... I may go for the passive cool approach but keep part of what oem did on the card, the back side is the most clever I have seen to date with the large flat sink...I am out to stop that darn scream however..the passive sink is good for that. after 30 min, my sys temp is at 114 and cpu was at 134 exactly normal for the 2.5 years I have run it since new.
the rest of my system is as follows:
msi 6728 platinum
2.8e (90nm 1mb l2 cache) cooled reverse by an xp 90 and ductwork (very nice, this hot cpu seems simply cool- oem is 89 watt thermal rating)
1gb kingston dual channel
wd 800jb EIDE all alone (I almost crapped when I saw my hdtune numbers were right up there with the best offered)
netgear lan, I even sought a 90nm lan card for this system.
300 watt antec psu, well under its max for my setup
all factory clocks.
The card is 6mhz over on both vpu/ram oem setting by default (never encountered this before)
drivers are latest by vtek, atis web site has none for the agp.avivo installed is noticable, it also took over my mpeg2 decode/view, very nicely. Encode helper is MIA as usual....
The encoder is a tease as always. a test on command line burst to 36fps, then right back to the stone age creeping along like it is doing nothing. It is software, and I am certain, not only certain, I have narrowed it down to windows low level yet again for the countless time...I have had several cards to help encoding, nothing windows oem works, the fast encoding is always elsewhere, especially mp4 (h264, mp4v etc etc- windows does not use this) I was even contemplating PURCHASING a mpeg4 codec and its container for ulead (can you imagine?)
April 7, 2008 5:43:22 PM

I couldn't find you mobo exactly - but I think its this one??

You don't mention what speed your mem is - ddr400?

Without knowing your app I'd say you could use some more mem for one; possibly faster speed and/or overclock what you have. Your P4 too.

But I don't do video encoding myself - you might want to move this thread to a different forum under graphics or start a new one with a different title so you can get some feedback from people that do that and could provide more specific ideas for you.

Good luck!
July 10, 2008 1:08:01 AM

according to:

the S1 R2 will fit the 2400. But, as with my situation, it doesn't specifically detail AGP vs. PCI-e.
You'll have to measure - see the instructions on the arctic cooling website.