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Asus P5B Deluxe MB / E6600 / Sockett 775

Please recommend 2-3 HSF's w/ fan controls for the above sockett 775 MB with these guidelines:

1) price not an issue...

2) As good cooling within the limitation of.... VERY EASY INSTALLATION...
I am NOT taking the MB out of the case to put a backplate on; and I have
large hands and fingers...

3) Not going for any world-record OC's...


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  1. XIGMATEK S1283 (+ bolt in kit highly recommended, but don't need it to install)
    Sunbeam CoreContact
    since budget is not an issue, a water cooling.
  2. If you havent installed and removed a 775 HSF quite a few times I recomend removing the MB to insure a proper installation.
    For a person who has large hands removing the MB will make the removal and installation easier anyway.

    The fan controls are automatic depending on the CPU tempatures. A stand alone fan controler is not necessary.

    I personally use the Artic Cooling Freezer Pro with an E6750
    current temp...33c
    The max I have seen while gaming 51c
  3. If you don't want to pull the Mobo outta the case, then don't even bother with opening the case side.

    And Shadow, if he won't pull the Mobo for just the simplist installation of a CPU HS you think he'd want to go through the headaches of water, LOL!
  4. Conumdrum...

    Thx for the helpful post. I'll be sure to put you on my "favorites" list.
  5. bbtennis1-

    I think you completely missed the sarcasm of his post. Here is my take on how you should have taken it:

    1) you asked for help
    2) you only wanted the simple, easy solution
    3) you specified that you wouldn't take the MB out, even if that meant you would/could get a better solution
    4) you want aftermarket cooling (for whatever reason) but you want the benefits of the upgrade without going through the steps needed to get there

    No offense, but you are wanting to upgrade your cooling, but don't want to put forth the effort. Even the normal push-pin coolers can be difficult to get into for install/removal. If anything, you might do more damage by bending off a capacitor or something. The coolers with retention brackets (or waterblocks :) ) are almost a safer bet because you only have to unscrew the backing plate and they will slide right off. Most will agree on the forums, if you can get a cooler with a backing plate design, we go with it over the cheaper (and less reliable) push-pin design.

    If you feel you must go with the push-pin design...the Arctic Freezer is a good is fairly lightweight and does a decent job.

    Are you trying to OC? That, my friend, is another fish altogether...and not all fish are caught the same.
  6. Some options here:

    OC the E6600 that is in there. Not OC'd, this cpu runs quite warm/hot, and I thought I had a good case and cooling(Lian Li PC-A16) a new HSF and install.

    Spend @ $165. for the E8400 Wolfdale, and run it at stock speed with the stock cooler. If I OC it, then I would need to step up to a better HSF, possibly the Xigmatek HDT-S1283... ( @$35.) or another brand... Will need to flash the bios to the latest...concerned here, as I have read quite a few stories on these forums about failed bios flashes on this Asus P5B Deluxe MB...I have only flashed a bios once, way back with my Abit BH-6.

    I wanted an easy solution...not because I'm lazy, but because I'm afraid I'll screw this process up...

    If you folks think of other options, as Ross Perot said, "I'm all ears..."

    Thx for the input...
  7. Hey, not a problem...I think you will do fine if you OC that chip. Just know that you might be better off to get a better cooler that has a backing plate to keep it cooler than the push-pin ones.

    I think you would be fine if you pulled the MB, the only times I ever get frustrated are reconnecting all the MB header wires. Asus does a good job with most newer boards that have that EZ-connect plug, if you have that. If anything, its a good learning experience to learn to DIY inside your case.

    Good luck.
  8. Quote:
    forums about failed bios flashes on this Asus P5B Deluxe MB

    You should be aware that all of those BIOS flashes were done via Windows. If you use EZ-Flash you are pretty safe.
  9. Thx, guys...

    Will get the Xiagmatek HSF, and I may pick up a couple of 120x25mm Coolermaster case fans:

    These are crazy strong, but variable I believe...have to do more research...
  10. ^If looking for quiet fans look in to Scyth and Yate Loon.
  11. Shadow

    I want super cooling, but with the capability of turning down the volume also...
  12. Fan controller and the ability to manage the wires and connections.....

    Petras... Did you take the time to visit their www yet? I mentioned it before in another thread. Or try Sidewinders. Or Jabtech. Once something looks interesting, then you actually Google the part number and add the word review to your searches. Yes it's time consumig but thats what you do till ya get an idea whats a good part or a good source.
  13. Quote:
    I want super cooling, but with the capability of turning down the volume also...

    Watercooling. :)

    Or, ensure the fans you get have 3 pin connectors that you can setup with a fan controller; if you are wanting to control the fan yourself. Otherwise, you can have the MB control it. Be aware though, some fans draw a lot of power (relative to other fans) and that might not be a good thing for your MB.

    Edit: Conumdrum actually posted what I assumed would be common sense...but I have found isn't the case in most instances.
    Once something looks interesting, then you actually Google the part number and add the word review to your searches. Yes it's time consumig but thats what you do till ya get an idea whats a good part or a good source

    It's called being an informed consumer.
  14. Thx guys for your patience w/me...

    3 pin connector is the little, square one, right? So, what are the different ways to hook up these fans? Small white connector to the MB/ with fan controller in between? OR, connect fan to Molex from PS? And what about a fan controller for that type of hookup? Geez...

    So, I would like safest hookup with good flexibility in terms of changing volume levels...
  15. @Conumdrum: I haven't shopped at Sidewinders, how are they? Good service,etc?
  16. I ordered the Xigmatek S1283 HSF...and will install it the right way...w/backplate ( I know...remove MB, yada, yada...) and Arctic Silver.

    Ordering E8400 Wolfdale cpu today... saw on some posts about "co" stepping chip better than "eo"...for an agressive "OC" I believe...but can't control that part of the purchase. Anyway, I won't be going for any huge OC's...

    Thx, guys...and I'll let you know how I'm doing w/ the MB removal/install cpu & HSF/MB back in... I will have Captain Morgan & coke ready to calm me... :)
  17. Sidewinders... I have bought from them once. Looked on other forums and found nothing bad. Their resellerrating is VERY good.

    They don't get warm fuzzies and hugs like Petras, but they are good.
  18. Go to the AS5 site and read about they way to use the paste, their method is good.

    Connecting fans. The little one is for the Mobo or the back of most fan controllers. The big flat 4 pin one is a MOLEX brand (kinda like kleenex vs tissue brand). The molex connects to a PSU connector and has lots of power avail to it.

    Whats the best to control them? A fan controller, about $20+ or so. Has a molex connector for main power and small connectors for your fans. Some fans have small and molex, or just one. Something you just gotta figure out I guess. The auto fan speed for the CPU HS is a good thing to use, the Bios controls it, the case fans, a fan controller is nice.

    Here is a great fan, cheap, effective, popular. They come in L/M/H speeds, work great connected to a fan controller. Like get the HS ones and crank the fan controller knob down to low. I use Meduims on my PC to a fan controller. They have BOTH connectors on them.
  19. ^+1 for the Yate Loon.
  20. Conumdrum

    That looks like the fan I want....good quality w/ more horsepower under the hood...

    The 2 yate loons I have are the D12 SL 12's...not as strong as the above I think.

    Any particular fan controller is the "gold standard" ?
  21. Yea, a reobus brand. Each channel can handle lots of amps. Not needed in our case.

    Sidewinders, Petras, Jabtech. Find one you want and Google it for reviews, then ask at OC forums and xtreme forums. xtreme forums isn't for lightweights err, new folks, but if you do a search there first you'll find lots of good info. Sometimes the auto ones with temp sensors etc are a piece of crapola. Just a good ol knob to turn it up or down is simpler.

    I got a $20 cheapy at Frys a while back. I use only one channel with all three Yate mediums wired together on my rad. It's cheap. I have the top off of it and a fan kinda blowing on it to keep the chips cool.

    It stays on low in the winter, up to medium in the summer.
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