OverClocking Q6600 with ASUS Rampage.

Hey guys I'm trying to overclock my Q6600 to 3.4GHz with the ASUS Rampage motherboard, I am having trouble choosing the setting to achieve 3.4GHz, does anyone have any tips for me? Should I put the FSB to 8.5 x 400 = 3400, CPU voltage 1.4?
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  1. First read the sticky's, secondly no settings are the same for a processor, thirdly I would not know how you would be able to set 8.5 x 400, Q6600 does not support .5 multiplier.
  2. Is the only real danger to overclocking is putting to much voltage into your components and frying them?
  3. Kind of. High frequencies dont kill components, voltages do.
  4. Hey DorkSterr,

    VoodooDan from HP here. You really need to walk up the components when overclocking. Step up a bit, boot, test, stress, reboot, step up again, repeat. That way you can find your CPU's max. Because every chip is different, take your time and walk up slow. And yes, voltage kills parts if this is done carelessly. If you have the cooling set-up and the desire to clock higher, than you can on stock voltages and then start tweaking those – but you do so at your own risk.

    Hope that helps.
  5. OMG Voodoodan you're the exact guy I'm looking for! I'm using an HP M9040N (ASUS Berkeley motherboard) right now, I'm replacing the M9040N case along with the motherboard just so I can overclock my Q6600 G0 (HP locked the motherboard), but I am also swapping the 2* 320GB harddrive disks, will I have to reinstall or even buy another set of Vista Ultimate 64bit if I replace the motherboard?
  6. Happy to help, DorkSterr –

    When swapping a MB, it is always a good idea to do a fresh install. Your copy of Vista should still be good for a fresh install, assuming you have the disk and the key.
  7. Yes I have the Disk and the CD keys, a lot of people were telling me that when I replace something major like a motherboard I will have to buy another copy of Vista or call Microsoft and literally beg for a new CD key. Is this true?
  8. Windows Vista allows for 9 activations per key, so you should be able to upgrade hardware 9 times, and re-activate. After that, you will have to call support to get a new key.

    I would recommend doing the upgrade and the install, and then trying to activate. If it fails to activate, go to the "activate by phone" option. It should activate, but if that fails, call Microsoft support.

    Let me know how it goes.
  9. Hey Voodoodan I just finished building my new system with my previous parts from my HP M9040N, so basically I took out the 2 HDD, RAM, GPU, PSU, CPU. Now I can finally overclock! I have to say it was much easier then what people told me about I just raised the FSB and the Multiplier to 430 x 8 and I successfully got 3.40GHz these are my temps CLICK HERE. Now some problems I run into, the first problem is when I turn on my computer the computer starts but then it shuts off then it starts up again and its good from then on, the second is I don't know why but sometimes my cursor (Mouse) would lag then stop responding, can you help me witch these problems?
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