Buying an external HDD for my Satelite receiver

I want to buy an external HDD and use it with my satellite receiver to store recorded videos.
It should go to standby automatically.I know that Seagate Free Agent so this bye a software, then It's not useful for me :D

I want to spend about 100$ for this.

1.Does anyone know a useful product for me ?

Western Digital , Seagate ,Maxtor or...

Thanks a lot :hello:
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  1. what interface do you need?

    usb? esata?
  2. USB :D
  3. Can anyone help ?
  4. What company are you using for satellite? I had a hard time finding a place to hook up an external for Fios, but then I switched to DirectTV due to better prices...
  5. anything will work fine.. try to find something with a slower harddrive ..5200rpm.. it will still be faster than usb and produce less heat/use less energy
  6. I say Western Digital... I had a seagate external and it crapped out on me in a month! I lost all that 1Tb of data :(
  7. Thanks everyone :D

    I heard that Western Digital Mybook can activate idle mode automatically.
    Is this work only when it's connected to a computer ?
  8. I would search the internet on a My book before you purchase. It may change your mind. Mine just crapped out, I wish I would have read a bit before my purchase. I am in need of a reliable storage unit & back up... We lost a lot of family photos, video, etc... Never again...
  9. I have a 1Tb my book... been working for a long time, since Januaray I think. How long did you keep yours?
  10. Do you move it around alot? that could damage the disks. Make sure it is off before unplug from computer.
  11. Not wanting to hijack the thread...But to answer your question i can't say that it was never moved. January? that is only 5 months... I had mine longer than that before it failed. At least a year, maybe 18 months. Make sure you have things backed up properly. or if it is your back up just make sure it is a copy just in case it goes you still have data. Search on the topic, many have had failures with many of the different WD Mybooks... I found a thread that was key in helping me get back some of my data.

    Per your comment, I'll set up a storage unit that is not as "portable" perhaps being stationary (more like a small computer ) may help.. . That is why I joined the forum today, to try to get feedback on a small mass storage unit.

  12. Thats what I was planning. I put a 1Tb internal on my next build to be my back up of the my book back up.
  13. But that doesnt mean that you can use it as a semi backup, ofcourse Internals are more reliable than Externals.
  14. I never realized how delicate a hard drive can be. I never had problems with an internal before. I guess I took it for granted and paid dearly. A couple of years ago I had an opportunity to go to Australia, ALL my photos were lost. Something that could have been avoided have, I had correct backup procedures... At least I was able to get it working long enough to save some family photos.
  15. some tims, its better to have a physical photo album the an electronic.... its just more sentimental. problem is oxidation, than magetics...

    we just have to remember nothing is forever, just a very long time.
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