Antec p182 case fans seem really loud

Hi, i just bought myself a new computer with the Antec p182 case.

I am having trouble with the case fans. i have connected the 4 pin power connectors to each other and then to my PSU. Is this the right way to connect them? There are fan connectors on my motherboard that aren't being used. is this where they are supposed to be plugged in? The fans seem really loud but i have heard that on low they should be difficult to hear.
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  1. The included fans are not quiet... by my terms anyway.

    If you want something quieter, check out yate loon or scythe fans... and undervolt them to 5v-7v
  2. you have got them set to the lowest sppeds? I thing there are some switches mounted in the case, they may not be really quiet, but at the slowest speeds they push sufficient air for a lot of applications, and are not noisy.
  3. I have the stock fans and it was whisperqiet until i added a aftermarket fan
  4. you don't have to connect them together before connecting to the PSU, they just make them that way so the fan plug doesn't completely take up a PSU plug. Those tri-cool fans don't have the 3 or 4-pin plug that the motherboard headers have, so you'd have to go with aftermarket fans or use adapter cables to use those.

    I agree with the other posters that the fans on low really are quiet, but if you go medium or high, they get very loud. I replaced the tri-cools with cheapo yate loon fans that are much more quiet at higher speeds.
  5. I have them on low. When i put them up to high they go even louder. They really are loud on low. Also there are two sets of switches on the back of the case to adjust fan speed. only one of these seems to do anything. Is this because i have connected all of the fans power cables together and then into the PSU? Could i have given them the wrong power cable and so are spinning too fast?
  6. When I build a system in a P182, I pull all the power connectors to the cable management side and daisy-chain as many as possible. There's no concern about them being under or over-powered when connected to a regular Molex connector. Connecting seval 120mm fans to a motherboard, however, isn't a universally good idea.

    You might want to make sure that it's the Antec fans being noisy. I have been startled by the near silence that falls over a machine when I use a cotton swab to stop a graphics card fan (or CPU or PSU) for just a moment. Also, check to see if all the fans make the same amount of noise on low speed. If they all make the same amount of noise, they are probably functioning as designed. If they have different sound levels, then they are not functioning right. If it is our fan, then contact tech support to arrange for it to be replaced under warranty.

    Out of curiosity, did you have your case shipped to you or was it bought in a store? I did some destructive testing when I worked in tech support and found that rough handling can make a fan louder(even in a PSU, although it took more height in my drop tests).
  7. true, i remember replacing every fan in my whole rig to eliminate an annoying noise, only to find out that it was the stoopid PSU fan the whole time. sheesh. i got rid of the PSU and the noise.

    Having said that, the tri-cools on low really are quiet, so if they are noisy, i'd take the rep's advice.
  8. I volt modded mine to 7 volts. They aren't loud on low but it's not the kind of silence which you would perhaps expect.

    The volt mod removed a lot of the noise and you still have the integrated fan controller on the back with which you can set them to almost no spinning at all.
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