Installing video cards in SLI

I'm going to start putting together a new computer tomorrow. I've built one before, but in this build, I'm going to install two, 8800GTX video cards in SLI.

My question is, do I install one card first and get the computer all set up with the operating system before I put the second card in, or do I just install both at the start and then do the OS install?

Thanks for any help!
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  1. either way will work.
  2. Im sure it does but for me simplicity is always better. It may really not make a difference and if pauldh says it will work then Im sure it will...
  3. Just to add some thoughts: If they are brand new, with both cards in you do have double the chance of having a bad card. Also possibility of not having enough power if the PSU is inadequate. One card is the safer bet just to be cautious.
  4. OK. Thanks for the help!
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