9800GTX now available.

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  1. Good morning!That's cool!
  2. Im still waiting for good benchies
  3. Two things about the Amazon ad. It says it weighs 2 pounds. WOW, then right underneath it , it says shipping weight 1 pound heheh
  4. Some up on newegg as well. $330 atm..

    Wonder if they are actually $100 better then the 8800 gts (g92).

    Can't wait for some benchies.. someone better do a good 8800 GTS (g92) vs. 9800 GTX. :P
  5. If the pre-release benchmarks are real then I will be getting an el-cheapo 8800 to tie me over till nVidia pull their heads out of their... behinds... and make a decent upgrade over the 8800s :(.

    *Rant warning ;)*
    These 9800gtxs are a real kick in the nads after the 1 terraflop rumors in Q3/Q4 last year, especially since the 1 terraflop card was also rumored to be out that December. Admittedly it's my fault for believing them but wasn't it nVidia that started them? What the hell have nVidia been doing all this time? Surely it doesn't take 1.5 years to come up with "lets make it smaller!"?.
    Where the hell is Moore's Law when you need it? I think nVidia need a good whack on the head with it.

    On the other hand if by some miracle it's the shiney golden card of pure awesomeness and performance it should have been (perhaps minus the excess gold ;) ) then a rain of money shall be emptied from my wallet into nVidias lap for one of these things :D. *fingers crossed*
  6. I've never understood this line of complaining that I often hear on forums...
    If you heard rumors about performance and trusted them, and then got burned because of it, why are you now saying you'll wait for the next gen, because you hear about performance and trust them?
  7. This isnt a real listing its been up since the march 21st.
  8. Id wait a bit before ordering any 8xxx series, there may be a price drop
  9. Does anyone have a link to the evga version for less than newegg's 230?
  10. I think coupon code EVGAN841 still works - it takes $30 off that price. I ordered mine Thursday.

    Edit:Never mind, I just checked, but it was $200 after coupon and after rebate on Thursday so the price is bound to come around again.
  11. Too bad, 30$ off would be a great deal!
  12. I'll pass on all these "new" videocards.
  13. ive got an EVGA 8800GTS 512 that is not OC'd and im havin a tough time finding those now.

    This better not hose my SLI plans.
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