PSU facing side... a potential problem ?

Just a little thing I noticed when completing my build :

THe power supply I chose Corsair 620HX [L=Link][/L]

must fit in to the case I chose : Antec 900 [L=Link][/L]

But the case offers a bottom-PSU socket... is there going to be a problem if I place the PSU upside down so the fan could face upward ? ('cause reading comments, many ppl say the fan is facing downward...

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  1. No that shouldn't be a problem.
  2. the fans on PSU's such as that one, pull air from case, and exit it out of case. air(most likely off your GPU, and out of the machine)
  3. If the power cord out of your psu is really shot and don't reach to top of motherboard where the power connector is, it could be a problem. Otherwise it'll work fine.
  4. Looks like the case is set up to mount a PSU the "normal" way or upside down. Should bolt right in, as for affecting the power supply, it won't adversely affect it. Only thing moving in a PSU is the fan, it doesn't care where it's pointed.
  5. Like the Drac said, no prob. As far as the length of the cables go about the only complaints the Corsair PSUs get is that the cables are too long so you won't have any probs there. If you read these reviews you will see a lot of people have used the 620watt Corsair in Antec 900 and P182 cases which also mount the PSU in the bottom. Nice choices for both the case and PSU.
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