Newbie needs help overclocking an E8500 on an ASUA Maximus II Formula

I recently invested in some new hardware, and thought I'd try to squeeze some more power out of my new setup. So, I replaced the stock heatsink with this monster, and bought three of these(two for the CPU, one for the case). However, I have no idea what to touch and what not to touch in the BIOS, and I'd really appreciate some help :sweat:
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  2. Thanks guys. Before I even start overclocking, I noticed that my core temps are 50+ when running Prime95,and ~42 when the system is idle. Isn't that a little high, considering my heatsink? Is it possible that I have applied too much cooling paste/not screwed the heatsink on tight enough?

    Here's a photo of the inside of my box, see anything wrong?
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