Q6600 Need help choosing a board plz.

Good afternoon fellas,

I've built a PC back in december,
here are the specs...

Q6600 G0
4GB OCZ (4x1GB)
2X 8800GT (SLI)
4x500GB (RAID 5 ) HDD
1X40GB 10Krom drive
1X Burner
and Zalman CNPS9500A
PC P&C 610Watts

I couldn't get any type of stable OC (main reason why i got this setup was for OC'ing) and I've tried lots. not even 200Mhz. So I finally gave up on OC and ran reg speed.

Now about a month a go i sent my board out for RMA, i just got it back this past week, i've tried installing it and surprise surprise, even the new board doesn't work (at all) pc doesn't even post, so i have to send it back out for a new RMA.

so basically i'm done with asus (still under warranty but i'm fed up), gonna sell the board as soon as i get it back.

i'm looking for a new board, 3 things to consider,

A) I'd much rather keep my vid cards (so SLI preferably) but i'm willing to change for a crossfire board, sell my gfx cards and buy new ones.

B) now another thing to consider, is that i have a raid5 setup, Now i highly doubt if i change my mobo i'll be able to keep the info (and plz correct me if i'm wrong), or if there's a way to backup the raid info b4 having to flush everything.

C) i would like to be able to OC that machine, even to just 2.8 / 3.0 nothing too extreme. so a board that can do some stable overclocking would be apreciated.

P.S. i'm not gonna go into the details of the overclocks that i've tried (tired for 2 months and read a whole lot) with that last board, but i`m done with asus, so anything else plz, also i don't usually upgrade processors, i just buy a new pc when it gets too old, so upgradability / future prrof is not really a factor.

I await your recommendations,

Thank you in advance for your help.
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  1. Gigabyte P35-DS3L
    Evga 680i Ultra

    Best recommendations I can think of, the Gigabyte mobo is amazing in many ways.
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