Diagnose drive C in Vista Ultime 64 bits

Hi All,

I try to diagnose the HD using the Vista DVD install disk, but when it gets
there it says that a Camera or music Player were attached to it. Well I
removed all USB devices and reboot again via the DVD and still get this
message. Any idea?

I just restored Drive C using Norton ghost 14 and after struggling with the
restore for several hours I made it happen. I can boot normally with drive
C. From some reason the disk signature could NOT be restored and it failed so I
disable that restore check mark.

Appreciate any feedback.


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  1. What? what are you trying to do?
  2. If you can boot normally, why don't you start the disk scan from with-in windows (it will prompt you to restart... blah,blah..blah)
  3. Hi There,

    I can do all of that, but I want to prepare myself in case there is a situation that I cannot boot to windows Vista and use the repair service option that came with the DVD. That option saved me once already.

    Right now I can't use this option fully since it complained I have some USB devices attached to the HD even though they are not connected. Probably something in the registry needs to be cleaned up.


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