Recommendations on new build? Budget = $1300

Hello, I plan to build a new PC, used mostly for gaming. It needs to be very overclockable. I plan to oc as far as the components can take. There should also be room for upgrades. At least 1TB storage, for downloads. SLI/Crossfire not important. Should last at least 3 years, ideally 5 years. Budget = $1300. It can be a little over budget, but not too much.

So, any recommendations? :crazy:
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  1. Case - Silverstone for a home theatre style ATX case. Mid tower check out Antec 900 or P180.

    Motherboard - Abit IX38 Quad GT. I'm a huge Abit fan exclusively for many reasons and have sold them exclusively since 1998.

    CPU - Intel E8200, unless you absolutely want quad core and will take advantage of it.

    Memory - 2x2GB of name brand stuff like Corsair or OCZ. DDR2-1033

    Hard Drive - Seagate Barracuda 1000GB 32MB...2 of them if you please

    DVD Burner - Pioneer SATA

    Video Card - 2 x Radeon 3870 in Crossfire config.

    Heatsink - Thermalright coupled with a fan of choice.

    If you need a monitor the Acer 22" Widescreens are a ridiculous bargain.
  2. I looked up the Abit motherboard, and there seems to be a lot of bad reviews of it concerning bad, unstable bios being released by Abit. Are they just whinning? How much of a problem is it? I haven't a clue about the brands nowdays. Last computer I built was more than 5 years ago, dealing with chipmakers like VIA and SIS. :sarcastic:

    And I'd perfer either Kentsfield or Yorkfield quads, unless there's a reason against getting them. :p
  3. Case - You don't need anything too expensive for this one just go for one of the Coolermaster Elite RC330, 331, 333, etc.

    Motherboard - I am a huge fan of ASUS and Gigabyte. And choose X38. ASUS P5E X38 and Gigabyte GA-X38-DS5 is enough.

    CPU - Intel Xeon E3110 (or E8400) or Q6600

    Memory - 2x1GB (or above) of name brand stuff like Kingston, Corsair or Crucial DDR2-800 (or higher)

    Hard Drive - Seagate Barracuda 500GB 32MB is enough...2 of them if you please

    DVD Burner - Lite-On or Plextor SATA

    Video Card - SLI is a waste of money and power consumption. Just buy a ATI X3850 or a X3870 or if you are a nVidia fan choose 9600 or 9800 series.

    Heatsink - You can just ignore this if you're going without OC. But Zalman cnps9700 is my baby. Don't forget to buy also the ArticSilver5

    PSU- Anything from Tagan, Corsair, Silverstone or Enermax. Between 450W-650W according to your VGA-card is enough for you.

    Monitor, Soundcard and Speakers - If you need any of 'em, just buy as you please.
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