How to free occupied space when files have been deleted ?

i keep getting no desk space messages, even tho i deleted so many files and i kno for a fact the space is free, i tried disk clean up, and it goes as far as MB, disk defragmenter tells me that i need over 15% space
im using windows xp, there is only one drive, which is C:
i have 74.52 GB capacity, could someone point me to the right direction, and thank you in advance
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    Have you emptied the Recycle Bin? If so, it may be that the space is being used by System Restore Points.
  2. yes i have, and system restore is disabled, i use roxio, it seems that all the folders i delete dont show up as fee space after i delete, because when i started gettin that alert i deleted 40 GB worth of files and it didnt show up
  3. That doesn't really make sense. The best way to make sure that files are permanently deleted is to use <shift>-<del>, which bypasses the Recycle Bin. But as you say the Recycle Bin is empty I would advise doing a chkdsk /f. The space should have been automatically regained.
  4. ive tried that as well, nothing changed, i have no idea what the problem is
  5. You might want to try a utility such as TreeSize that will show you where the space is being used.
  6. just installed it hopefully this will work
  7. so i think i found out the issue, u were actually right it was the roxio backup files, it seems that it backed up all my .avi files over time, now i have two more problems that i encountered during the failing attempts to solve this one.
    thank you ijack your was very useful
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