UBUNTU not seeing RAID discs

I'm a noob to both Linux & RAID so it's possible that the problem is something very simple...

I have a box that has a system drive, and two storage drives setup as RAID 0 through the Mobo bios. I installed Ubuntu on the system drive and it boots and operates fine, but it does not see the RAID, either each disk separately or as a single volume. Am I not doing something? Or have I done something wrong? Do I need to mount it manually or something?

I can post system specs if needed, but I figure it's probably something simple and not related to the hardware.
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  1. Try running "sudo dmraid -ay" (in a command prompt) to activate the Array (you might have to install dmraid first), If that doesn't work, your RAID controller might not be supported.

  2. Ok, I'll give that a shot, thanks.
  3. Hmmm, I have no idea how to install dmraid. It's not available from add/remove, and trying to install from the download is, well, I have no idea how to install it. The readme doesn't help.
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