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This is a weird problem. This is my first homebuilt system so I dont have tech support to rely on so Im giving Tom's Hardware forums a shot.
My homebuilt system is based on an evga 680i motherboard. I have two western digital hdds, one a 150gb raptor the other a 500gb caviar wutsitcalled. My problem is kinda long-winded but ill try my best to explain. My computer will have random lockups and slowdowns, sometimes resulting in BSOD if not a complete freezeup. When I restart, I often get a disk read error on the first loadscreen. Here is the weird part. To fix this issue, I open up the computer and unplug the 150gb hdd from the motherboard. I start up the computer, get to the windows load screen, and it will load indefinitely. I turn off the computer, replug in the 150gb hdd, and 80 percent of the time the computer works until the problem reoccurs. This can be anywhere from an hour to a few days. I figured the problem was the hdds themselves. I have tried reformatting them and reinstalling windows, checking for errors on the hdds, which there usually are on the 500gb but i repair them and same problems. The western digital utility I use to scan the drives while still in windows shows no errors. Also, I have checked my RAM and there are no errors. I am using Windows XP Pro 32bit. If anyone has any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Update: My computer had another freakout session today. I was playing Team Fortress 2, and my computer locked up and looped sounds for a few minutes before BSODing with a Kernel Inpage Error. I tried to restart and the computer was not detecting my hardrives. I disconnected the 150gb and it saw my other hdd and then said there was a disk read error. I replugged in the other, and continued to get a disk read error. I tried to use the XP CD to get to recovery console and got another BSOD each time. With no other options, I unplugged both hdds and replugged them, and voila it works again. Until the next freakout anyway. What component is most likely causing this. It seems too odd to just be the hdd, though I hope it is.
  2. Hmm sounds like your problem is indeed your Hard Drives. But, just in case i'd update your BIOS.

    There's a possibility that your current BIOS is causing your motherboard to have issues with your Hard Drives. It's a long shot, imo, but i'd do it before you go replacing them.

    Additionally, if it turns out it's neither the Hard Drives nor the BIOS, perhaps it's a faulty Motherboard altogether.

    Did you make sure you were grounded at all times when working on your computer? If you didn't there's a very good chance any one of the components were damaged from static. And in a lot of cases the components will still work, but after a while will rapidly deteriorate and eventually stop working completely.
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