Hardest GPU decision EVER!

8800 GTS (G92) 1024 mb 730 mhz core 369.99

9800 GTX 512 mb 675 core 329.99

8800 GTX 768 mb 289.99

Im willing to overclock, i will be running 1680 x 1050 and would like to raise AA and AF which is why i like the higher amounts of vram. Basically from what i can see in terms of performance the Palit GTS 1 gb would be the best choice, now i just want to know what u guys think.
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  1. hmm, I never knew they made a gts g92 with 1024mb ram
  2. I personally haven't seen a review of a 8800gts 1gb model, so I'm not sure how it compares to the 512mb model.

    I think that $290 for a GTX is pretty good though, and EVGA is a great manufacturer.
  3. That Palit card is beautiful...
    I'd wait for more benchies though.
  4. I would go 8800GTS 512MB. The 1GB memory will be bottle necked by its 256bit memory interface, so even at high resolution... difference is minimal.

    I think the GTX is a good value at this point so for less than $300 I would also say go for it. But between a GTS G92 and a GTX G80 again the differences would be pretty minute.
  5. If you are lookign longer-than-this-year term, I'd go with the 8800GTS 1GB.

    If you are lookign for a time killer till better cards come out this year, I'd go 9800GTX and save a few dollars.
  6. That gts is a scam and it cannot use that much VRAM due to it's 256-bit bus.

    Get the 8800GTX.IMO it's still the best single card.
  7. Quote:
    That gts is a scam and it cannot use that much VRAM due to it's 256-bit bus.

    Uh? How do you figure that?

    1680x1050 isn't very high, so you don't need lots of Vram. The 9800GTX would be overkill as well. Getting a nice 512MB GTS would probably be the best bet. (unless you have money to burn.)
  8. I would go with the 9800gtx personally it is roughly comparable to 8800ultra and surpasses if overclocked. These cards can overclock mad i have heard. If your on a budget get the 8800gts g92 512! 1gig is useless 256bit bottlenecks it, resulting in any improvement.
  9. 8800 GTX if you want high resolutions with AA.

    9800gtx if you want better raw performance.

    Forget the 8800gts 1gb card.
  10. 8800GTX or a vanilla 88000GTS (G92)
  11. Someone care to educate me? How is the 256bit bus a bottleneck? As I said, he doesn't need the 1GB card because he isn't playing at a res high enough to need that much Vram.


    Here is a review with a 1GB GTS. Thankfully, they are smart enough to run these cards at 2560x1600. (AA levels seem to change depending on the game.) The first benchmark shows a nearly 64% increase in frame rates over the 512MB GTS. While not all games show increases like this, I don't see the 256bit memory bus holding this card back. As I said, he doesn't need it because he isn't gaming this high. There is a need for 1GB video cards at 2560x1600, not so much at 1680x1050.
  12. well heres why i do need more than 512 mb. If i run crysis with at say 1680 x 1050 with 4x aa on high settings i noticed that in reviews GPU's with higher vram seem to get increased performance because of how close crysis is closing in on 512 mb. Yes ive seen that legit review of it and if someone can base their opinion on that it would be cool.
  13. 9800gtx!
  14. Thinker_145 said:
    That gts is a scam and it cannot use that much VRAM due to it's 256-bit bus.

    Get the 8800GTX.IMO it's still the best single card.

    :lol: I have seen 8600s with 1GB RAM.
  15. Even at the extreme resolution, the performance difference between the 1gb gts and the 512mb gts were minimal, except for call of juarez.
  16. well with 1 gig of ram u only can utilize some of the ram due to the narrow bit interface. i looked at benchmarks and the fps not significant i was evening talking to an xfx tech about this and he said it really wouldnt help much due to the narrow bit interface. The 9000 series would benefit more with the 1 gig of ram due to there efficient way to compress data.
  17. From the recent 9800GTX review, it seems that the 8800GTX tends to do better with AA and AF on.

    So I personally would go with the 8800GTX, and then hopefully the 9900GTX will come out within 90days, and you can use the eVGA step-up program.
  18. Im with 474 on this one. 1 Gig on the GTS and the new 9800GTX will show in higher res, and Im thinking on the 9800GTX, itll show even better
  19. @smurf, I haven't looked at crysis benchies with different sized Vram cards. If this is the case, I'd get the 8800GTX. Less then $300, and has the memory you need to play. (realize however that crysis tends to play poorly no matter what.) If you can afford it, you might want to just get the GTX anyways. If you are looking to save a few pennies however, grab the 512MB GTS.

    well with 1 gig of ram u only can utilize some of the ram due to the narrow bit interface.

    Huh? That makes no sense. You can use all the ram, the bus width won't prevent you from being able to use it. You should care about two things with respect to the memory on a video card. The bus width, and the speed of the chips. These two things will dictate the memory bandwidth of the card. Having a low memory clock speed, or a low width means it will take longer for information to reach the CPU. It won't prevent you from being able to use any of the memory. Look at this.


    At these clocks, the GTS is almost tied for second. (behind only the GTX and older GTS.) Thats all the bit width is, how fast can the card retrieve something from memory. It can utilize all of it, not some.
  20. sry for the error i read that somewhere.
    thanks for correction 4745454b.
    anyway in my opinion go with the 9800gtx. if u have the extra cash or if on budget 8800gtx came down as low as 290$
  21. http://www.legionhardware.com/document.php?id=715&p=0
    this is a review of the asus 1g video card,check it out...:)
  22. Dokk, I find it odd that my link showed a huge increase in some games, while yours showed hardly any. (was actually slower.) Difference between the setups include mine used a quad core while yours was a dual. Mine used windows vista, while yours was XP. (both of ours actually used 169 series drivers.) Mine ran on an Nvidia board, yours doesn't say.

    I believe my card was overclocked, while yours was not. My link doesn't say if the 512GTS card used was stock. How much does an extra 512MBs really make?
  23. I have the 1 GB GTS, runs at 810/2025/2200. So basically its a 9800 GTX with twice the vram.
  24. If you go the 1GB route this would be my choice:


    The Akimbo has excellent cooling and can be easily overclocked. The 512 version runs at 720/1944 factory settings. I would be willing to bet it can overclock higher than the Palit.

    I think the 1gb models are worth the extra in the new G92, that is where they are lacking. Why they decided to reduce the ram is beyond me. I know it was to save money, since ATI is no real threat right now. I would like to see some benchmarks against the 8800GTX. I have been seriously considering this card myself, in fact there is a good chance I will get it. The 1GB and Akimbo cooling is just too enticing even if it costs as much as a GTS the extra ram will help with maxed out settings. Of course most people have made a good point about the 256 bit. I was also looking at the 9800GTX since I can't bring myself to pay almost as much for a matching 8800GTS 640mb to run in SLI.
    According to this review the extra 512mb did make a difference in some games.

  25. 9800GTX if your PSU can take it otherwise get a $210 8800GTS 512 forget the 8800GTX as its G80 which is officially outdated
  26. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127325

    i would go for that myself. free game (witcher). well i never played the game but its free so eh, can't be too bad eh? but for 199$? i honestly never seen a better deal on such a great card.
  27. 8800GTS 512mb would suite you fine :). Also the witcher is a very long RPG. Pretty standard for an RPG with point and click gameplay.
  28. lan_derf do you have the Palit 8800 GTS 1 gb? Did you volt mod to achieve that OC?
  29. random1283 said:
    9800GTX if your PSU can take it otherwise get a $210 8800GTS 512 forget the 8800GTX as its G80 which is officially outdated

    Outdated doesn't mean poor performer. The GTX is still a very good card. I agree with the 512MB GTS, but if Crysis does indeed show better results with more Vram, then the GTX might be the way to go.
  30. http://www.nvnews.net/reviews/evga_geforce_9800_gtx/page_3.shtml

    well this benchmark shows a good reason as to why 512 mb may not be enough even in some games with only 4xaa. Also considering the fact that the clocks on the 9800 are reasonably higher the 8800 GTX in this review it dosnt seem to add to much performance. This is the main reason why i felt the GTS 1 gb would be a good idea. Especially because its essentialy the same exact card as the 9800 GTX but with more memory and a higher stock clock.
  31. Yes crysis loves VRAM and future games will also benefit with more VRAM.
  32. No just no.The 1GB GTS performs the same most of the time even at 25x16 as the above link shows.If it was efficient in using all that memory it would show improvements over the 512MB GTS in EVERY SINGLE game in that resolution.
  33. Really it's quite foolish to go with a 1GB GTS over 8800GTX.
  34. why would that be foolish? It outperforms the GTX in benchmarks. It has more Vram, much higher clock speeds, and all of the rest of the card is identical. I really dont understand why everyone thinks the 1 gb is so bad. If it has a 256 bit bus dosnt that mean it will just be less efficient at accessing the 1 gb of vram, it wont make it not be able to use it.
    Another thing why would it show improvements in EVERY SINGLE GAME? Not every game uses alot of Vram thats why it wont help in some games... I dont understand you said your self that it does perform the same MOST OF THE TIME, if thats true than why buy the card thats WORSE SOME OF THE TIME?
  35. See no single card is good enough for gaming at 25x16.So it's quite pointless to have a 4 game comparasion between the GTX and 1GB GTS at that resolution where neither card is good enough to play games anyways.

    And the other review is showing that the 1GB 8800GT does not gain anything even at 19x12 with AA.Having more VRAM is not that big of an advantage if the memory bandwitch is the same as barely any game actually needs that much VRAM.Only at the absolute high res we see games utilizing that much VRAM.It's the bandwitch of the ultra and GTX which still make them shine over the G92 8800's.
  36. But technically that Palit 8800 GTS 1 gb should still be better than the 9800 GTX correct? It has higher stock clocks more vram than it, and the rest of it is exactly the same.
  37. The palit card is more like a 9800 GTX anyway, they made some modifications to the reference design that allow its core to go higher and its vram to break the 2000 MHz barrier that most g92 GTS cards can't.
  38. 9800GTS FTW!

    Or go 3870X2 and Fold@Home in a few weeks....
  39. I vote Voodoo 5 series card...
  40. random1283 said:
    9800GTX if your PSU can take it otherwise get a $210 8800GTS 512 forget the 8800GTX as its G80 which is officially outdated

    this makes the most sense, and will give you the best bang for your buck....
  41. So lan derf u achieved that over clock on the Palit 8800 GTS 1gb on air with no mods?
  42. papasmurf211 said:
    So lan derf u achieved that over clock on the Palit 8800 GTS 1gb on air with no mods?

    lol that palit card comes stock with the 730 oc, but u should know that you don't need that palit card to get too 730...I bet you could get a decent overclock on a $220 priced 8800GTS 512 just b/c most of the G92 8800gts's have the same cooler "reference" design.


    See that MSI card, it is stock at 678mhz, You could probably take that easily to 700, w/o much work. and after MIR, its $200...for a card that will perform just like a 9800gtx..... for like $130 less....
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