Packard bell laptop wont start up!?

i have never really had problems with it, up until one night i was using internet and my flash player wasnt working properly, so i restarted the computer and before the log in i clicked to repair.. whilst it was trying to repair it froze so i did the stupid thing of restarting it again. Now it wont get passed the log in, none of the repairs work either. im stuck with a raindrop packard bell default background... please help?????
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  1. if no one knows how to resolve this, is there at least some chance of transferring files from this computer to another? bear in mind i cant even get to the log in screen.
  2. Try starting in SafeMode, although if you cut off the repair process it may not work.

    You can take out the hard-drive from the laptop, hook it up to another PC with a USB enclosure and get the files from it that way. Will probably need to take ownership of the files to copy them as the other computer won't have the same user rights.

    Once all the files, favorites, etc.. are saved, you can re-install Windows clean on the drive. Or a saver thing is to buy a new hard-drive and install Windows on that. That way none of your files are touched.
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