6 pin to 8 pin

where can i get a 6 pin to 8 pin adapter
pls make it some place that accepts wire tranfers in u.s.
needed for the gx2
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  1. http://www.pcpower.com/accessories/6-to-8-pin-adapter.html

    This is where I got mine from. They're hard to find.
  2. Does that one seem to work well for you? I wish they had one that combined 2 6-pins. I've got 4 6-pins and no 8. I only need 1 8 and 1 6.
  3. It seems to be working pretty good for me. I'm able to OC my 3870x2 with it. I don't know if I really needed it, probably could have used rivatuner from the start, but it definitely doesn't hurt. One that combined 2 6-pins probably would be best, but I only have two 6-pins connector so I never tried to find one.
  4. Cool. Maybe I'll try it on my 2900XT sometime.
  5. You can make one with a little creativity. Land yourself a dual or triple molex to 8 pin adapter, use a molex pin removal tool to move the pins off your 6 pin to the 8 pin, and use the remaining molex adapter to give you the added pins you'll need.
  6. You need one like they have at mvktech think thats where I seen it anyway.
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