GA-M57SLI-S4 Memory adjustment question

I just built a computer with this board using a AMD x2 4450e cpu, GSkill DDR2 800 PC2-6400 memory .. i just noticed in CPU-z my DRAM Frequency is 385. Mhz. where it should be 400 .. i just found out how to get to DRAM settings with ctrl-F1 keys.. but i think i need to adjust dividers in order to bring it up to 400mhz

And i can't find that area.. anyone know how to get there?

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  1. It's in the manual usually.
  2. Section 2-7
    CPU Frequency
    CPU Clock Ratio
  3. There is no way to directly control the RAM divider on K8 processors. If it is a little low you can try raising the 200MHz system clock a little bit to bring it in line.

    Older processors used a FSB/RAM divider, the K8 family uses a Processor Freq/RAM Divider that is set for each cpu multiplier. If your processor freq and multiplier are falling to where the RAM is not running quite full speed, the only option is to increase the CPU speed by bringing the system clock (the 200MHz one) up a bit (like 2-6MHz). Don't overdo it, move it up slowly, and you may have to drop your HT multiplier from 5 to 4, HT on these chips did not like going much (at all, really) over 1000MHz.
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