Need advice on what PC to buy

Hello everyone!

I need some advice on what PC to buy, because I don't understand much of a PC's specifications. I'm going to mainly use it for games, movies etc. So I want a good and a fast PC. Here's the ones I consider buying, but I don't know which one.

So please, can you please read through the specifications. I have compared them all three there:|ACDTSKJEQ019@store-elgigantenD

You can press on the green button "Marker forskellene" and it will highlight the differences. I don't think you really need to understand Danish, as it is mostly numbers.

Which one should I go for, to play quality games and movies on great settings. Intel Core or AMD? Which one of the PCs has the greatest graphic card - NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon? Can any of those PCs run games like Battlefield 3, Max Payne 3 etc on highest settings?

Please help out. I really hope to get some good advices.

Thank you. :)
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  1. I clicked on the link, however there is only one computer in your compare. Please update the link with your choices again. :)
  2. Go with the Packard Bell iMedia S iMdS2870. It will serve you better for gaming and movies. the other will/might lag a lot with its graphics. so get the Packard Bell iMedia S iMdS2870 with the intel and you'll be on your way to EPICNESS. Have fun with it. if you have any problems just message me and ill help.
  3. Hey, help_me_83. Thank you for your reply.

    I think I might go ahead and buy this, as I've been told that this is much better, and cheaper:

    You can view the specifications bottom of the page.

    What do you think? Is it much better than the ones I suggested above?
  4. Hello everyone!

    Only one system listed… may be due to a cookie your system stored for you; not available to anyone else here.

    Large system OEM’s are always a little slower with the newest technology due to planning for large number of units to sell-this works against you in latest technology… and works for you in low base-system cost.

    Large system OEM’s make money as soon as you start making changes to the base model; it’s very typical to upgrade a component paying full price for the component, and no trade-in value for the old component removed for the upgrade.

    No small independent shop can build a system and compete effectively with $500 systems from a large OEM when software and added features are considered; and make a living.

    Your best strategy is to buy a base-system model as advertised for getting the most performance for your dollar; knowing that you will be shortchanged in potential system performance. But to have one optimized to current performance limits will cost a whole lot more than if you had built the system.

    Buy the base system and upgrade yourself. Keep their hard drive as a bootable backup drive and spend ~$100 for Western Digital RE4 series with a 5-year warranty; new 8 GB of DDR3-1600 MHz memory is <$80 with lifetime warranty it will work at 1300 MHz too. For video I like a Gigabyte GeForce GT630 with 2 GB of DDR3 is about $80, I couldn’t find one when looking just after Christmas but they are out now.

    Build your own using latest technology in modest components is best for 7-10 year system. Most of the components will have at least a 3-year warranty, the hard drive a 5-year warranty, and memory a lifetime warranty. The power supply will be better and so will the graphic performance. By the time you have planned every part to be purchased, loaded drivers for every printer, entertainment system, other device attached and configured the way you want it; with all the software loaded and the all the updates and additional supporting software that is free to download… about 2 days of work will have passed.
  5. This is what this website does:

    You can choose your own parts. The only thing I am changing by default is the powersupply, and possibly the processor. Ignore the PCs in my prior posts. What do you think of that one?
  6. definetly go with that is way better than the others and as I said just message me with problems
  7. spending $80 on 4gb ram is really overkill. Buy samsung magic 1.35v ram for $40. Ram doesn't often fail, and even IF it does sometime, you can just buy another pair for the $40 you saved by buying the other ram. Not that it will likely ever fail. Also, why get a gt630? That's a TERRIBLE gpu.

    Just realized you're buying OEM stuff. LOL fail. (both on your part to buy anything oem and my part for not reading right)
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