E4400 Overclock temperatures

hi i am noob to OCing. cpus.
so my first try...
E4400 + P35 Ds3l + PC2 5300 3GB (1GBX2, 512MBX2)+ Corsair VX450

first i made 200 to 233Mhz
now 233 to 270 Mhz
boots, so im testing now. (prime95)
after 1 minutesof testing, my temps are 58 CPU/ 64 P35/ IDLE 39C
im using ASUS cheap 80mm Cooler.

i dont want to spend more money on this pc. (my friend is giving me http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835200024 soon...)
for now.. are my temps high??
my old Athlon XP 3200+ is always 67C in load.
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  1. hehe good old E4400 - the first cpu i ever overclocked :D got given to my bro today, so i got an e5200 :P

    anyway, i would personally stop at 70 C max priming... that's what mine ended up before i got my xiggy :P

    hope that helps
  2. thanks.. how much did you OC?
  3. i got it to 2.9, but the crappy ASRock motherboard had an fsb wall at 290mhz :( left it at 266 purely cos its a nice round number for my RAM... bro doesnt need heavy ocing anyway.
  4. 76 is a little high but you should be just fine.
  5. With your processor do not exceeed these values:

    73.3° if M0
    61.4° if L2
  6. um i lowered the clock to stock for now.. and i setted ram ratio 1:1 with FSB

    when i turn off my computer, switch off the psu switch later when i press power button, my computer is on for 1sec, and turns off by it self. after 5 secs it starts.

    is p35 SD3L suppose to do this when tweat settings are changed?
    its only the ram clock that is changed.
    it doesnt do this when i set the ram to origninal speed.
  7. hmm, mine does that when i change the bios settings too... maybe its saving the changes to bios or something?
  8. i found out that most( or some) P35 chipsets does that...

    just 1 more question.. my cpu is L2 revision. why can it go over 61.4?
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