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Hey - As you can see I am running dual monitors on my pc but I need some help

Every time I boot up, I have to reset the resolution on one and move it's placement

And ideas on how to make windows remember the settings for the second monitor??

Here's what I want it to be
Main = Right side @1280x1024
Secondary = Left Side @1024x768

And it boots like so
Main = Left side @1280x1024
Secondary = right side@1280x1024

And I hope this is the right place for this question
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  2. hey there buddy, ok. first off, what kinda vid card do you have?

    ATI or Nvidia.

    I have a dual monitor setup, and this is what i have

    Dell 22'' widescreen (main)
    LG 19'' (Secondary)

    I have an Nvidia 8800 GTS 640 mb card

    now. I connected my 22'' first, set it up the way of the resolution i want.

    then i shut down

    then as its shut down, i connected my LG

    turned the computer on, and went into my nvidia control panel

    i had the control panel set them as individual monitors.

    and yes you can set them to the resolutions you want.

    and then when im done, i restarted. and as you said your main turns on first, then my 2nd

    hope that helps.. with ATI i dont have an ATI card, but im sure if someone does, they can help you set up the dual monitor.
  3. thanks alot - I have an 8500GT
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