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I'm building a new computer this May, and I want to get at least a 24" monitor for gaming and watching blu-ray movies off my PS3. My question is about the inputs (DVI w/HDCP and HDMI), I know you can use both of these inputs for a 1080p signal but I have heard that you won't get sound when using DVI, or something like that when using a seperate Blu-ray player.
I will have a surrond sound setup on my computer with a very good sound card and I want to use it when watching movies from my PS3. Will this be possible if I hook my PS3 up to my computer with a HDMI to DVI cable? or will I have to shell out the extra buck to get a monitor with both DVI and HDMI inputs. Thanks for any help.
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  1. depends on sound do you want sound out the hdmi?

    i would skip hdmi sound it can be a real pain to configure.
  2. I'm not really sure what you are asking. I just want to be able to listen to my movies in surround sound using my computer's setup. I really don't care how I get it to work, just so that it works. thanks for the reply.
  3. DVI does not support sound. If you can cable up the sound seperately you will be OK with DVI.
  4. Just making sure I understand correctly, you want to connect BOTH your PC and PS3 to your monitor (with DVI input) and surround sound system (digital input or else?). Is that it?
  5. I have a Hanns G 27.5 inch with a Rosewill 3-way HDMI splitter. I bought the monitor refurbed for $480. I can switch to an upscaling DVD player, my PC, or my HD cable box. The only sound problem I have is the hideous onboard speakers that are on the monitor. I usually just plug my PC speakers into the Hanns G headphone jack when I want to watch movies or TV. I really need to stop procrastinating and just by a separate set of speakers to use when I'm on the cable or DVD player. Then I'd never have to get up.

    edit: Oh yeah, my point. You could just get a monitor with multiple HDMI ports or get a splitter like I did and then plug your PS3 in with HDMI to HDMI. You're sound should be fine.
  6. From what i read he wants to plug his PS3 into his computer to use his nice sound card and his PC sound setup. Right? I tried to do that with my xbox(The big black one) with my 9600XT AIW ATI card using RCA. It didn't work. The ports on the video card are Video Out not In. So I'm guessing that it wont work. Like right now I have a Xbox 360 hooked up to my Acer 24 LCD with VGA, and my Alienware Laptop with DVI,(But I dont have 1:1 maping so the 360 is not the right ratio. The use both at the same time alot but I only have one set of bose speakers. So I have to unplug the sound from one or the other.
  7. so there is no way to watch or play my PS3 on my computer monitor and get the sound to come from my computers 7.1 speakers? Ouch... I guess I will have to buy a blu-ray DVD burner then. Thanks all for the replies.
  8. What kind of input does your 7.1 speakers have and what audio outputs does the PS3 have?

    To my knowledge, there is no way to "split-out" the audio part of the HDMI cable into a digital sound cable so you would need to have another sound path.
  9. Have you consider 37inch to 42 incg HDTV? Most of these TV can do 1080P and are fitted with at least 2 HDMI inputs.

    Get a cleaner solution with multi input(2 HDMI, 2 DVI, 5 Component etc) display or monitor instead of re-routing a perfectly good video to spliters or to your PC .. etc...

    1) Its better to drive your PS3 video directly to your TV/Monitor. Thats why HDMI inputs are great. PS3 won't display 1080P blue-ray unless you use the HDMI connection.

    2) Video cards from ATI 3850 & up, Nvidia 8800GT & up are pretty good for games and playing HD movies.

    Audio Connection options:
    1)Use an optical link, coaxial link or optional audio link from your PS3 going to your PC sound card. With this the PS3 audio goes to your PC sound card. Check your PS3, the box have several video/audio options.

    On-board sound card have these audio connections. Add-on sound card such as creative also have these connection option.

    2) Check your PC sound card what type of inputs it can take (Optical, Coaxial, or plain stereo audio cables.

    3) Take note 5.1 or 7.1 audio is best transferred through Optical, or coaxial link. HDMI is also an option but TV sound is not really that good and as you stated you prefer to have connected to your PC.

    Check my configuration. I use a 70 INCH HDTV as my display. Its my PC and home entertainment. PC display is 1080P.... Watching Blue Ray/HD-DVD at 1080P.

    My audio is through optical-link going to a receiver with 7.1 setup.

    Its your choice/Decision. You have a lot of great inputs here.
  10. thank you all very much, I have the xtreme gamer from creative and a creative 7.1 speakers ( not the best but they do work ). Im doing a new build soon and want a big monitor. so thank you all for the help. I will def get one with HDMI.
  11. you can get a player off off newegg for like 120 bucks... That may save you money compared to buying a more expensive monitor based on the inputs you want.
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