Help me with overclocking my Q6600.


I've managed to overclock my CPU @3ghz (335 x 9.0 ) but I want to go above this. I tried to go to 3.2ghz but my system fails to boot. My motherboard configures the settings automaticaly. The only thing that I am changing is the bus speed and the multiplier. I was thinking that the problem is my ram. I was thinking to change them to Corsairs Dominator. Can you please help me to find out what it stops me to go on my overclocking goal whitch is @3.2ghz+ ?

My system's specification is:

CPU: Intel Q6600 GO
RAM: OCZ GOLD 2x2GB PC2-6400 800MHZ
MOTHER BOARD: Asus Maximus Formula X38
GPU: EVGA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB KO GDDR3 (512-P3-N805-A1)

Thank you.
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  1. Usually at a certain fsb a motherboard will no longer supply the right voltage for a processor. Did you also check that you are still running your ram at around DDR2-800?

    PS: AUTO is bad for overclocking
  2. Typically to overclock your CPU, you want to manually set your CPU Voltage. Don't let the motherboard AUTO set your CPU voltage when you're over clocking.

    Set your FSB to where your target goal is, bump your CPU voltage a tiny bit, reboot. If system runs stable, you're good to go. If it won't boot or freezes, bump your CPU voltage a tiny bit again, and try over.

    Repeat until Awesomeness is had by all.

    P.S. You may also want to see if your memory is Linked to your FSB. If it is, your changing the FSB may slow down or overclock your memory. I prefer to UnLink my memory and manually set it to stay at the 800Mhz.
  3. Thank you for your replies,

    My motherboard is automaticaly overclocking my ram. So, is not nessecary to bought new RAM modules with 1066mhz ? Shall I try to leave the RAM always perform at 800mhz and just increase my CPU voltage?
  4. @jerrece unlinking ur mem can cause u to have limitations to the proc when overclocking, i know form experience, just set ur mem ratio so that if u have 800mhz ram that it is at say 667 with the fsb at stock so when u overclock ur not overclocking ur mem
  5. @teamlosigp can you please explain me what you mean that there will be limitations if I unlink the memory? It's better to have the memory linked with the CPU? Which is the better choice to get more power from my CPU? to leave this RAM modules (800mhz) and change other settings, or shall I will install new modules (106mhz)?
  6. It actually doesnt clock your ram automatically - it depends on what you've setup in the bios - theres a baseline speed. You set the settings at the FSB Strap. Set it according to you Mhz of your ram.
  7. My motherboard it has the Asus CPU level up which does the overclocking automatically. With this application a manage to reach 3Ghz. When I turn the overclocking to manual settings and I am trying to reach 3.2Ghz my sysyem does not boot.
  8. I put all my BIOS settings in "AUTO" and I can get my CPU to 3.4 with ease, I just changed the FSB to 430 and Multiplier x 8 everything else is auto. And I'm basically using the same motherboard as the original poster, I'm using an ASUS Rampage Formula with a Q6600 G0.
  9. Thx DorkSterr I will have a go with this you said. Now I need to change my CPU cooler. What cooler do you use? I was thinking to get either the Zalman CNPS9700LED or the Thermalright IFX-14. What you recommend. (to everyone)
  10. I'm actually using the Zalman CNPS8700NT, but the one you want is better so go with that.
  11. @kyriacos, the fsb link with the proc and the memory speed is connected, its like a push and pull, they are balanced, however if that "balance" gets to far outta sync from having ur fsb and mem clock to different there is a possiblilty u will run into an fsb limitation
  12. @teamlosigp So what is your opinion that I should do?
  13. That might be the limits of your mobo.

    I know I can't get my Q6600 stable past 3.4Ghz no matter what settings I use and I've chalked it up as the mobo just wont let me OC further.
  14. That's so weird, Kyriacos what settings are you putting your BIOS on? Exe: FBS, Multiplier, CPU Voltages...etc
  15. link ur mem:fsb ratio so that at stock cpu speeds ur memory is underclocked, jesus figure it out!!!
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