E7200 overclock with P5Q-Pro

Hey guys I was researching on how to overclock cuz this will be the first time i will be overclocking.

i just wanted some advice on what options in the bios i will have to disable

which would include SpeedStep, Modify Ratio Support (should I?????), Max CPUID value limit, Vanderpool, and anything else?

my specs are:

E7200 @ 9.5x266 = 2.53 GHz
Asus P5Q-Pro
Corsair 4gb DDR2-800(PC2-6400)

all i wanted to know was do i need to change the FSB and keep the ram and cpu ratio the same or change the multiplier of the cpu to achieve higher cpu speed. thank yya'll
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  1. Theres very useful guide for overclocking intel duals and quads on top of this section so i guess you should read it first, plus the guy who made this guide is using (i think)p5q dlx, so bios and its settings will be almost identical(dlx will have more options i guess). it explains all the basics, so - read it first, ask questions later :)
  2. thanks man i thought that his board might be old so i didnt trust it at first thank you!
  3. No worries man, if you encounter any problems than carry on posting, might be able to help as i have quite similar setup(e5200 on p5q pro)
  4. ok so i followed the guide and got my cpu till 3.2GHz by uppin my fsb till 340 times my multiplier 9.5 but the ram is screwed up i think

    (Corsair 4GB XMS-2 DDR2-800) like the ratio is 4:5 and the first stick of ram is at PC2-1200 75MHz and the second stick is at PC2-6400 400MHz

    but i am lookin at the SPD tab on CPU-Z and those are the readings but when i look at the memory tab on CPU-Z it says 4__MHz higher than 400MHz

    so am i doin something wrong by not manualing settin the divider (ratio) in the bios or is this supposed to happen??????
  5. When you set fsb in bios you have ram speed as well with various speeds to choose from and they change too as you change fsb, so take as close to 800mhz as possible. I have the same ram but 2x1gb and it can go up to 980mhz but generally if fsb/ratio can give 800 than you should go for it. The cpuz reading on the first stick is weird but i cant really help you on that,maybe someone else can. Try swapping sticks in slots and check if it comes like that again? Did you test it with anything like prime95 after oc?
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