Different Q6600 Voltage

I had my Q6600 at 3.6 with a volage around 1.38 under load. I had it this way for at least 8 months without one single crash or issue on my GA-P35-DS3L.

Recently I attempted to transfer some data from an old IDE harddrive to the SATA that I currently have in my computer. Once I had hooked up my IDE, my computer would not boot/post for unknown reasons. After clearing the CMOS and letting my computer sit over night, it started back up again and I was able to transfer the data without issue.

I have been trying to get my computer back to its orginal 3.6, but for some reason I having stability issues out of the blue. I can get it to boot up, but I'm still getting errors is Prime95, even with a voltage of 1.44 under load.

What would cause my computer to lose its ability to overclock so well? I have changed nothing, other than using up some more space on my harddrive. All the BIOS settings have been changed back to the values I had when my volatage was 1.38 under load. I have a 120 extreme and my temperatures are around 60 at 1.44 loaded.
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  1. No ideas. :( Wish I could help you out. Have you tried disconnecting that old IDE drive to see if it somehow cures the problem?
  2. The IDE is long gone, I just used it to transfer some stuff to the harddrive I currently have installed and then took it out.
  3. If you feel you didn't "fry" any, I would re-flash the bios to the last stable release that you know of.

    Sometimes the bios can get messed up when overclocking, or hardware change, it's worth a try.
  4. I'll probably just scale it back a bit. It's really stable at 3.2 on near stock voltage.

    I guess it just get fed up with 3.6 ... doesn't make sense.
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