What sparked your computer interest?

For me. I basically started using computer because I always wanted to play quake 1 lol. So I need to build my computer from parts, since my parents didn't want to invest in a computer at the time:) Thank God people just threw out their parts.:D

managed to put togehter a p1 166 Mhz CPU (OCed it to 200 MHZ) and I was able to run quake 1 :) PLus at the time I had only a Voodoo card LOL, my god that was long ago....(I don't think the Voodoo was in my p1, I had a p3 1 year later) :S

Anyways thats my story. Oh yeah and Need for speed 1!!!! :D
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  1. Bottom line? To play good games!!! I start back in the day when Apple was king!! Anyone remember the Apple II+? Our school had 3 computers when I was a Sophmore and by the next year they had 20!! I remember wanting to play wizardry. My first computer that I bought was a VIC 20!! and then eventually got a C64! Spent more $ on the flopply drive ($250) back then, than I did on the computer! LOL! I then ventured out into the real world and couldn't afford to buy another system until 1997 when I bought a IBM (because Apples were way too much for what you got) Aptevia w/AMD 266mHz CPU, and 8mb Voodoo Banshee GPU!!! Boy the games I played with that. I remember playing the original EQ on it until I upgraded in 1999 to a Compaq (mistake) w/AMD 500mHz CPU. It didn't have a AGP slot (which I didn't know about) so I got stuck with a 16mb Voodoo 2000 PCI GPU. Had that for about 3-4 years before I started to build my own, which I was glad that I did. Now 10-12 PC's later (this includes ones that were built for friends/family) I'm on my current setup, which is listed below. Unfortunately/fortunately I get farmed out to build a friend/family members PC now and then, but I still enjoy going through the process. My biggest process is actually fitting all of the desires/needs into the budget that is given to me. Anyways I think I rambled on enough.
  2. My first computer was a commodore 64 when I was about 5. Lol. Man that's been a while...my first pc was about 1997. AMD K6 200 mhz and 32 mb of ram. That was almost high end back then I believe. I wanted to play games so mom and dad got me that for Christmas. I got hooked on AMD because of the k6, and I can remember going around when we looked to upgrade and I wanted a few years later to get something faster, we went to microcenter and they wanted 200 bucks for a pentium 2 400 mhz.

    I was kinda bummed, but dad had the bright idea of going to best buy where they happened to have a 450 mhz AMD k6-2 in the case for 99 bucks. So we snagged it. Since then, I've been sold on AMD. Though they go through rough times, what can I say, I've always had great luck with their chips, no sense in changing a good thing:).
  3. Well the first time i saw Diablo i fell in love. I was 7yr so i was at my parents mercy, when i was 8 or 9 i got my first pc (a Compaq). I got into building my own pc's when i was about 15 because i hated how overpriced everything was.
  4. Gee :)

    It's giving old memory back to me :) I was start dreaming for my own computer when I saw my friend was able to play porn on his computer (it was P133 at that moment :) Lol, hahahaha. Nah, actually what was sparked my interest was when I saw my brother did some programming with FORTRAN and DBASE III plus, it's really amazed me at that moment. I thought something like "wow, it's cool, looks really smart, etc". Well, that was back at around 1987(?), I was a child at that moment.

    But serioulsly, I was really stunned when I first saw Intel desktop w/ Win95 with all color and graphic, and it can print in color, even playing VCD? Wow, that was so amazing ... Back to the first multimedia pc introduced (around 1996).

    My first computer came a year later with Pentium 200MMX, with 64MB RAM. That was pretty decent computer at that moment, just about to be trashed by PII computers a year later :) But I was using this computer for nearly 7 years :) It accompanied me well to accomplished my undergraduate study. It blown up right after I finished my final projects :D lolz ... Really sad experience, since I was planning to keep it for my personal museum :) Unfortunately she prefer to die with honor :)

    I built several computer later on, for friends, my college labs, my works, and for myself. I was remembering some like: the famous devil Celeron (666MHz), that I built for the girl that I fell in love with (meh, hahaha), and also PIII 500 for another girl. Even until now, the knowledge of computer still attract girls :D

    Darn, now I just can not live without computer :)
  5. Pre-Ebay, early to mid 90's I was a charter member with a group of dealers who went online to hold weekly online auctions. Absolute Pioneers at online auctioning. Business flourished (Ebay was not even a thought yet). Anyway, just before all this online weekly dealer auctioning happened I had (still have!) a Pentium 1 100MHz system we had bought at Montgomery Ward for like $2500! This was purchased for our REAL business we have been in for the past 20+ years. Dial up era online auctioning was where I was at. Anyway, I had tried to set up a scanner and had problems (Weak specs and MB had 16MB memory onboard and just didn't want to cooperate). Long story short, I asked my neighbor at the time, a mechanical engineer from Denmark if he knew anything about computers? That was all it took. He helped me build my first computer. A 100Mhz Pentium1, 1 GB Fireball HD, 64 MB RAM, Windows 95 screamin machine! I still have it! We took on Ebay head on! The group I was with out of San Francisco was selling air planes to corn flakes shaped like Illinois online! LOL. Finally Ebay won and the company auctioned off their office furniture, computers and finally their server, which cost like 30G back then. :ouch: I moved over and sold as a dealer when Ebay gave free websites and no sellers fees. I'm out of that business now and concentrate on our family business. Nobody around here knows very much about computers but me. They know how to ask, "can you fix this?" :)
  6. dad got me my first pc when i was in 4th grade in school(was 10yrs old) in 1996 for educational stuff!!my first computer was a branded machine with a celeron 300mhz cpu mounted on a gigabyte based intel 440zx chipset with slot mounting cpu and an agp port with a 4mb video card(was a voodoo i think) and with 32mb of sdram and a 36x cd rom drive ,4gb seagate harddrive and a 15inch crt monitor,the sound card was made by yamaha.it came with windows 95 and we stepped up to windows 98 later.with my increasing interest in gaming and after routinely opening up the pc and screwing it up the upgrades started coming.finally i ended up putting 192mb of sdram(128+64)a geforce2 mx 440 64mb video card and a 20gb seagate hdd with a sony cd writer.i used this pc till may 2004 till my first self assembled pentium4 prescott took its place.i ran windows xp pro on the old celeron and finished call of duty1 on 640x480 on it.it was a good pc.
  7. A Sinclair ZX81 was my first computer. I couldn't afford a BBC at the time. Hours of typing code to make 'X' chase 'Y'. The horror.
    Moved up to an Amstrad CPC with a built in tape deck. I thought it was superb until some f### smashed my mum's car window and stole it on Boxing day. Ruined my Christmas!
  8. My first one was an IBM 300 GL PC i had 32 MB ram which i upgraded o 128 later. 2.5 GB HDD and on board cirrus gfx 200 Mhz. Well i wanted to play delta force 1 and NFS . Until last year it worked perfect.
  9. My first contact with computers was in the late 80 when finishing university. I had some statistical tests to run and it was done one 386. Afterwards, my real interest for computers came when I went back to school and had a lot of CAD to do, by then we were using 486 DX 33. Those were the machines back then at almost 3k each, there were out of reach of most.
  10. 3 letters:

    Started writing scripts... and went from there.
  11. well my first ever built was quite "recent"!about 2-3 years ago.when i put a computer together using Celeron D 356 3.33Ghz 2GB 675mhz ram,160gb hdd,7300gt 256mb,akasa eva 120.before i bought this cpu i have reead alot of review saying it easily overclock to 5ghz on air!so thats why i bought it.i got a p945 chipset from gigabyte,forgot what the model number is.but after many attempt cant reach the magic 5gh barrier only got to 4.8ghz.but one day i took it apart to do some cleaning an never put it together again and at the end all the parts end up inb ebay!lol
    and today i still got the old case in my room behind me right now.dont know what to do with it now.and i havent build myself another pc since then.and in June 07 i bought myself a laptop!the reason why i bought a laptop is i can stop myself from upgrading!lol but at the end i bought 1 extra hard disk and another gige of ram!because i want to wait until a generation of hardware i feel i want to stick to.

    but hopefully wont be too expensive!<=i think im having a dream here!!!lol
  12. It's one of the few hobbies where things are constantly changing. You understand the basics of most hobbies, nothing is really going to change, and if it does it takes a while. With computers, things change monthly if not weekly.
  13. My first computer was 486 DX and it was getting slower all the time. So I got interested in computer upgrades. I upgraded the bios (very difficult at the time), the software on the computer, added a tape backup system, more memory and so on. Then I read a magazine on how to build your own computer and tried it. I was scared of losing $1,000.00 worth of parts. Instead i got good at it and ma still building, upgrading today. Thanks to this forum and all of you, I have learned a whole lot more.
  14. A ZX81 back in the day

    adding a 16k ram pack and an external keyboard to upgrade it.

    then a spectrum a couple of years later

    Those were the days :)
  15. I got an Apple IIc as a kid, I bought a 486DX33 (overpaid a little, it cost me about $3k) in highschool. I added memory and a CD rom (it came with its own ISA controler card). then went to college and just used thier computers for a while. got a job, and just used the crappy work computer. got laid off and needed a computer to look for jobs. I picked up an eMachine is633. it may have even been free after the mountain of rebates, but certainly less than $400. I quickly realized it was a piece of crap. (its still in use for my mother in-law, and still referes to as the POS) I needed to upgrade graphics to play Neverwinter Nights, and was of course annoyed I had to get a PCI card, because there was no AGP slot. then the constant crashing started soon after. tried a new HDD, nope (after it wiped it clean and intalled a new OS for the mother-in-law it was better, but still not great). decided to build a new computer instead of buying one this time. I went with a P4 2.8HT (virtualy no OC potential), carried over the new HDD, PCI graphics card, screen, printer, keyboard and mouse (all of wich were upgrade before mooving on). soon upgraded to an AGP 5900xt (my biggest computer mistake since the 486). When my parrents computer was no longer stable (same basic interals at the POS). they bought mine, and I built again.
  16. Humm so long ago. I dont remember much about my first experiences but I do remember crashing my mothers computer. It was win 3.1 with 8mb ram and i wanna say 200mb hard drive. AND it had a TURBO button. Yeah I loved that button... After I killed that thing, its just been love ever since. I found myself going back and forth between AMD and Intel. I do miss my AMD K6-2 450 overclocked to like 566 or something like that. i remember coming home one day to find the heat sync fell off and windows was still running.. i of course shut it off and re attached the heat sync but it still ran like a champ... too bad those days are long gone...
  17. :sol:
    well my first spark was the cd burning and free music. my friend let me use his 8x usb 1.1 cd burner that I used on my moms pc with a
    k6-2 300 mhz with 128mb ram and xp in 2001,but what made me get my own was computer science class had pentium 3's that were 4 times faster @ 1ghz good enough to play quake 3 pretty smooth.
    so I went and bought a dell 1.3 ghz celeron w/ 128 ram, played some quake 3 and burned some cd's but while I was doing that I was trying
    to find a way to make my pc faster on the internet through roadrunner's 3Megabit connect and found out about the new p4s' and ddr memory and how fast that was. then I went and bought a compaq
    w/ p4 2.4 ghz 400 mhz fsb and 512 ddr ram and that was pretty fast for then. then I learned how to build them becuase my class started updating their computers and we got to put it all together and then i learned so I wanted to use my knowledge and make mine faster so I bought a gigabyte 875p mb w/ dual channel and a gigabyte radeon 8500 64mb agp 4x card and then I was happy qauke ran smooth as butter and ever sence then a game came out that I liked and my pc
    couldnt play, it would be like a make your car the fastest on the road type of thing, but thats pretty much my spark though but never really had enough money to ever break a record on 3dmark or anything but if somone had the same exact setup as I have It wouldnt be as fast as mine unless I got ahold of it. but if I had all the money in the world, I'd probably buy a skull trail / 2x 9800 gx2s w/ the best liquid coolin money can buy and buy a second one for backup just in case I tweak the first one too hard. but all in all I geuss Im just another enthusiest/gamer
  18. Its really interesting that some of the same interests sparked from such different ways of approaching the whole thing.

    There should be a forum just for this I think it would be very welcomed:)

    I remember the days when Doom I came out....every1 was like Damn Awesome graphics....if only they would see Crysis ahahah
  19. When I was a child my great-great uncle (my granddad's uncle) was big into computers... he had ample disposable income and bought virtually every new system that came out... TRS-80s, VIC-20s, Commodore 64s and pretty much everything in between. His wife was my babysitter on numerous occasions when my parents would go out and he'd always be there to tell me "DON'T TOUCH THAT." Well, the man eventually died and my aunt told me "Take whichever one you want." Wow. How awesome was that? So I started by grabbing an old TRS-80... and then "upgraded" to a VIC-20. By the time I was ready for the C-64 (it had a tape drive, floppy drive, and even a 300 bps modem) my mom had purchased me a new PC and I was on my way.
  20. Wanted to play Zork I.

  21. for me it was back in 04' when i bought my 1st ever PC from HP (a610y model) paid $800 for it and thought i had a really good P4 system with high speed internet. until i went to work the next day and realized that a old DELL P3 was faster then my new P4 rig.

    oh heeeelllllllllllllll no! i did not spend $800 for a P4 rig to get whupped by a P3 rig. so then i got my google on in search for answers and that opened my mind to the realm of system building! haven't looked back since.
  22. July 1974 issue of the magazine Radio Electronics - the Mark-8 "minicomputer" (Intel 8008). Got a TRS80 Model I in 1978.
  23. L1qu1d said:
    I remember the days when Doom I came out....every1 was like Damn Awesome graphics....if only they would see Crysis ahahah

    I found my old shareware copy of doom about a year ago, and fired it up.
    shure makes a modern game with all graphics options set to low look good.
  24. Playing Links 386. A buddy of mine had a PC...a 486DX Gateway at the time than he paid about 4 grand for. After a round of golf on one of the local courses, we would sit down, have a few beers, play a couple of rounds on his PC. I ran out and bought a 486DX. Christ, it took about 2-5 seconds for the screen to redraw after every shot. Not a big thing back then, but how laughable now. I remember having to modify the autoexec.bat to load a VESA driver so the game would even run.
    Took me hours to figure that out. From there we went to Doom, and a DX4-100 overdrive processor. Man we thought those were fast.
  25. hey can anyone remember games dave, prince pacman and all .Good old DOS games. Anyway i loved delta force 1, It was like call of duty then. hehe
  26. Basically, I couldn't afford to all out buy a pc, but I could afford to purchase a machine a piece at a time. After about 5 weeks, I had everything I needed and it ended up costing ~$300 less than a comparable Dell and I was able to upgrade it with more memory and swapping out the cpu's.

    That machine was an AMD K6-2 @ 350MHz and 128MB of PC100 RAM on an EPOX mobo, a 13GB WD hard drive, a CD-ROM, floppy, in a generic tower case, and running Win98. I thought I was the bees knee's being able to dl from the newsgroups, play mp3's, and run a Starcraft server. Them was the days!
  27. When I realized how overpriced Dell and the like are and I could get Windows OSes for free, I decided to build my first PC. It was a semi-kit from Tigerdirect (I was scared of getting incompatible parts). It still works great (though slightly upgraded, same CPU at least) as my parents' internet computer.

    Oh, and it was a P4 with ATI 9100 graphics (I think; that card got relegated to my P3 which had Rage 128 graphics).
  28. It all started when i had a SHUTTLE XPC with GEFORCE FX 5700le and i didnt know anything i only had HEARD about 6800ULTRA is a good VGA and therefore i went to XFX FORUMS (good old days) and i began to learn more about hardware.there was a guy there called THEFORCE_UNKNOW21 which helped me alot , unfortunately after some moths the forum closed :( so i decided to find good tech sites and i read and learned more about PC hardware

    then i went to NVIDIA forum but it wasnt very good after that i went to AMD forums and well u know.......... :D

    and finally i came in the best forum which is here :) which is a very good and friendly place and i've learned very much in here :)
  29. Doom never attracted my interest. OTOH, I turned into a Descent junkie really fast. And thanks to some clever German programmers who wrote a wrapper to run Descent I and II (DOS) under XP, it's back to the caves and tunnels.
  30. I liked taking things apart. Computers come apart... They looked cool inside.

    Started with a Commodore 64 played tons of games. I lived on a farm in the woods and the groundhogs didn't make good friends. So I played games.
    -Got an NES
    -then my dad got an IBM PS/1 (it came apart so I took it apart once)
    -Then had a gameboy
    -then Sega Genesis
    -then SegaCD
    -then Gamegear
    -then Playstation
    -then build a 486
    -then build a Cyrix 6x86. HAHA remember those things? First CPU named after it's "Pentium equivilent" the P166+ ran at 133MHZ but was called the P166 because it performed like a Pentium 166? Didn't IBM make Cyrix chips?
    -then build a PII 233MHZ
    -upgraded PII 233MHZ to PIII 600MHz
    -then Playstation 2
    -then built an Athlon XP 3200+
    -then built a Core2Duo e6400 (CURRENT SYSTEM)

    I guess that is my personal list. Obviously I build others for other people, but personally that is my list. I threw gaming consoles in there because.. well I like to game.

    I'm an Engineer in the IT department for a Financial Institution.. And this is my story.
  31. 2 days of in school suspension:
    -Day 1: read DOS 5 book
    -Day 2: read Windows 3.1 book

    Then mostly it was, how can I free up more memory so I can play X-Wing! Ah the woes of getting that crucial 640k of free memory!

    First computer: TI-99! Yay baby!
    First Intel based PC: Packard Bell 386...16MHz I think [with the turbo button on!].
    First PC I built: 486-66MHz, went from 32MB RAM to 48MB and got the DX-4 100MHz upgrade!

    Now I work in a cold server room...66 degrees anyone?
  32. I had a friend when I was little that always had Macs that we would play the dumb games on.

    I remember having a computer at my Dad's with the 5.25" floppy drive I would play King's Quest on all day. I still remember the day he put in a CD-Rom drive for me.

    Had another friend that an old 8Mhz PC that jumped to 12Mhz with the turbo button. I remember trying to free up memory to play Warcraft on it.

    When Diablo came out I had finally convinced my parents to buy a computer and I bought Diablo that day. Up until then I was all NES, SNES, Sega. First computer was a Pentium MMX 233 Mhz Packard Bell with 48MB of memory and a 6GB Hard Drive. I remember one day it had a virus and my step dad wouldn't let me reformat it (I was about 14 or 15) and took it to a computer shop. When we got it back it had a 166Mhz MMX chip, I noticed it the first time I booted it. I was PISSED. Computer shop said it was a glitch and not to worry...

    Rocked that for 2 years, saved some money and bought an HP 500 Mhz Celeron with 64MB of memory and a 10GB HDD for $600. I then threw in a 8MB Voodoo 2 card to help play Diablo II.

    2 years went by and I really felt confident enough to build my own PC. I was graduating High School and as a graduation present my Mom wanted to get me a Gateway for college. I insisted on letting me build it but someone told her how I could 'build' it at the Gateway store. I told her that meant picking a few options. We went anyway and I had ordered a P4 2.0Ghz Gateway with 256MB PC-2100 memory, 64MB GeForce2 AGP card, 40GB HDD. Over the next 6 years I upgraded both drives in it, upgraded the CPU to a P4 2.6Ghz, upgraded to 1GB of memory, upgraded the PSU to an Antec 430W PSU, and upgraded the graphics to an ATI Radeon X700 pro.

    That old computer really lasted for me all through Engineering school. Kept me playing Dark Age of Camelot with no settings turned on. And was just a good solid computer that I sold last month for $325. :)

    Last year since I had all of my own money and had 10 years experience tinkering with my old computers and upgrading them I decided to build from scratch. I'm still running the system that's in my sig, only upgraded my graphics card to the 8800GT last November.

    I also built another system for my Dad using the P35-DS3L, Q6600, Antec P182 case, Antec Earthwatts 500W PSU, and HD2600 Pro with 4GB of memory for Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

    Computer building came really easy to me as my dad runs a company that puts juke boxes, dart boards, and arcade games in bars/restaurants/arcades. My whole life I would have my head in the machine with my dad fixing them when they were broken. So I've changed out many PSUs, Memory chips, motherboards, etc. long before I ever built my own computer.

    But of course, the only reason I ever spent more money on new computers/parts was because games were running slow and I wanted to play games. I finally got over the 5 year addiction I called daoc and now really don't use my computer too much. Waiting on a new game to peak my interest. :)
  33. Computer Interest?

    Work...Its a necessity in my work can't do anything without it. From the time i was in college to present...

    I started using computers with punch cards going to the computer center in the university.

    I was well into UNIX when DOS comes out...

    My first personal computer is Apple-IIe. I used mostly for Assembly Language programming for micro-controllers...

    Unix still the main OS for most of the stuff that i do. But the servers today are mostly X86-architecture. Alot of the tool that use to be exclusive in UNIX are now available in Windows.

    At home everybody has to have one...
  34. Great post man! For me - I played Double Dragon at a friends house on a Olivetti PC and was hooked. I think this must have been 1988 or something. After that, I moaned and groaned for months until my folks got me my first PC. Kings Quest 3 and Nightmare on Elm Street followed in hot pursuit. My love for PC games is what lead me into trying to understand everything about a PC, and how to constantly upgrade the parts to play the latest games AT THE CHEAPEST COST! I needed the best hardware to appreciate the latest games, but not even having reached puberty yet and without a job, I had to learn to be resourceful! Software wise I screwed the thing up so many times and DoS wasnt exactly user friend - I had to self teach myself EVERYTHING by trial an error. There was no internet back then when you could just Google something and get a "How To". Man, those were the days, ahahahahahahha, what a nightmare.

    Anyway, great idea for a post. Im sorry to see PC gaming is dying. I cant even find more than 2 shelves in stores these days dedicated to PC gaming. PC GAMES - we will never forget you!
  35. With the atari 800 xl my interest was peaked, with the commodore 64 i was sold on computers.
  36. Guys, I found a pic of that Ollivetti I played Double Dragon on:

    Its the one in the middle with the 8X8 screen. AHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Can you ucking believe I ever used something like that. 24" LCD is what I use to roll these days. Those were the days.
  37. I was going to take over the Universe...

    Then I discovered games/internet/porn and everything else that came in the magic box.

    I always had a thing for computers but the one defining moment for me was the Asheron's Call release. When I discovered the people in town were other RL people, life changed and so began the MMORPG addiction...The addiction has long past but the memories of that first MMORPG last forever. Selling those accounts was like selling my pets.

    Funny enough... my Avatar's name in Asheron's Call --> Grieve
  38. L1qu1d said:
    For me. I basically started using computer because I always wanted to play quake 1 lol. So I need to build my computer from parts, since my parents didn't want to invest in a computer at the time:) Thank God people just threw out their parts.:D

    managed to put togehter a p1 166 Mhz CPU (OCed it to 200 MHZ) and I was able to run quake 1 :) PLus at the time I had only a Voodoo card LOL, my god that was long ago....(I don't think the Voodoo was in my p1, I had a p3 1 year later) :S

    Anyways thats my story. Oh yeah and Need for speed 1!!!! :D

    You sure are a funny fellow. "my god that was long ago" funny to hear you say that and you are only 20 right?

    Here is a picture of my first computer.

  39. well it is for me lol hahaha nice computer :) can it do crysis:P aahha
  40. X COM: UFO Defense, on a 386 with a 25 MHz processor that I paid $1,200 for cause I couldn't afford a 486
  41. My computer interest was sparked by a Tech Sergeant back in 1970. Not that the AIr Force asked my opinion of things at the time. But after a while I was writing code, punching cards and waiting, sometimes for a day, to get back an answer from the beast.

    Personal computers came into my life with a Commodore 64 and the wonders it could accomplish at a 2 mhz speed. Now I anxiously await an Intel Yorkie, so I can bump its speed up to about 3.8 ghz. What a ways I have come, from 2 mhz to an anticipated 3.8 ghz!
  42. I also started with a punch card computer in high school (1970). Think it was math class. My first "computer" was a calculator. I got the deluxe model that could do square roots. I remember it set me back $70 which was a significant amout of cash back then. We could use a calculator in class but had to use a slide rule for tests. Kind of got out of the loop while in the canoe club since there wasn't any use (or room) for personal type computers. In 1980, liked playing with a TRS80 but didn't get my own computer until 1984 with a Comadore 64. You could actually rent software then - pretty cool. Things skyrocked after that with my first 386 machine. At that time, people were saying that the 386 wasn't really worth it since there wasn't any software written for it so mine was pretty out there for the time. Had it torn apart so many times, it finally went away in a puff of smoke! Built my first machine sometime in the late 80's. Not sure but think it was a Thunderbird CPU. Have been building my own ever since because it was cheaper and just didn't see any reason not to do so.
  43. The need far SPEED and not having to pay for a cr@ppy PC from Dell, etc that couldn't OC and also the freedom of choice ;) . Back in 2003.
  44. May be the wrong place to admit it, but I did buy a Dell back in 1998, with Win 98, of course. Back then, Dell was considered one of the top computers. Changed out the video card a few times, overclocked the CPU, got a Soundblaster card. It did pretty well for a P2 450 mhz machine. I didn't get rid of it until a couple years back, when I gave it to an ex-girlfriend after her daughter wrecked her HP. The daughter then wrecked the Dell, which is part of the reason the girlfriend turned into an ex-girlfriend. Hey, 8 gig was such a big hard drive back then that you'd probably never fill it.

    Man, times have changed.
  45. ^ Wish I was there during the '80/90s to see the changes
  46. sailer said:
    May be the wrong place to admit it, but I did buy a Dell back in 1998, with Win 98, of course. Back then

    I had a HP! lol POS, P133 complete with dial up.
  47. Well it was gaming to start, a friend had NASCAR racing on his computer and after a few laps I needed a machine to play on. Then the real kicker was the computer I bought kept having problems and I got tired of waiting 3 weeks at a time for the shop to fix it so I started doing research. The box had the first version of Win98 on it, and one of the floppy disks for the operating system was bad. Built my own system the next time, a Pentuim II. Next build was a Pentium III 1GHz which I still have the CPU here on my desk using it as a paper weight. Next thing I know my buddy with 5 years in college for Database Administration is calling me asking what his problems are with his computers. You should have seen the look on the professor from Michigan State University when he asked me if I worked on computers for a living and I told him no, I'm just a truck driver. That was 6 years ago, now working on computers is all I do.
  48. My only branded PC was my first Apple-IIe....After that everything is home built...

    Before home built is cheaper and better....

    Today home built is a lot better but not cheaper...The branded machines started using un-reliable cheap parts.
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