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Do you really need a floppy disc and drive to set up RAID 0? This is my first time doing it, and this is what I've been hearing (and from the FAQ).
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  1. It depends on what OS you're planning to use. The RAID FAQ was written mainly for Windows XP. Vista and 7 already have RAID drivers built-in.

    Basically, if your OS asks you to insert a disk containing your RAID drivers, then we shouldn't disappoint it, right?
  2. If your motherboard supports it, you can enable it right in the BIOS, and the answer to your question is no. If you want software RAID on the OS drive, what r_manic said.
  3. Only if you use Windows XP or lower. Vista and Windows 7 can load drivers from USB/CD/DVD and Linux doesn't need drivers since they have kernel-level support already with many metaformats supported.
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