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My father recently lost the use of his left hand, and he loves to play games. Up until now he has used the keyboard / mouse for such games as solders of fortune, but he is frustrated that his impairment is limiting his game play (as well as other things in life).

I want to buy him a good joystick, but I'm unsure as to which piece of hardware would do him the most good. He has a 2GHz AMD windows XP based PC, so that at least is current.

Can anybody offer ANY suggestions on a joystick that he can do most of his game play with ONE hand? He is frustrated enough with his situation, so hardware that is easy to use and understand would be best. He just wants to play games, and is not so much interested in the "force feedback" and other gaming frills.

Thank you very much for your help!
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  1. I am in a similar situation and thinks its absolutely the coolest thing ever that your helping your Dad out. I am searching for a one handed joystick for myself and am finding out they are rather expensive. This one seems to be decent. I haven't tried it, im still wondering if my gaming hobby is worth $250. If I find anything else ill jump on here and let you know.

  2. a joystick might not be the correct type of perepheral to use, depending on game. likely you will gain zero benefit from spending $250 on a joystick than you would on a $50, at least for gaming. high end joysticks are typically for 3d modelling work not gaming.

    games that integrate well with joysticks include: racing sims, flight sims, defense-turret shooter games.

    games that integrate better with gamepads: first person shooters, role playing, other similar type games. not sure if you can sub out a mouse for onboard track/ball or thumb-joystick control.

    games which integrate better with mice: puzzle games, anything that requires a mouse.
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