Never buying IBM / Lenovo again. BUYERS BE WARNED!

NEVER BUYING IBM / Lenovo laptops again. Buyers be warned!

I've had 4 major issues that render my ideapad Y580 laptop almost useless right out of the box and had to send it back 3 times already right after they send it to me. I've been trying to get in contact with a customer relations about this issue to have a deserved complimentary extended warranty for my troubles for the last 3 months.

I've called the regular customer service line over EIGHT TIMES total with a promise that someone will call me back "within 72 hours". It never happens. After the third time, they referred me to a specific customer service representative, which I've called 3 times with left messages and my contact information, but no calls were ever returned. I was beginning to think customer service was pulling my leg. I was finally called TODAY after I've been calling since September just to be declined of the extended warranty. This is ridiculous.

All I can say is, I've trusted IBM before. I still have an old X60 from way back, and never had an issue even to this day (except for battery, which is expected). This computer has had three critical issues that should have been caught by quality control the moment it leaves the factory. Why? This is a 1400$ computer.

If you are curious about what the issue was: (Keep in mind this is persists even after I've tweaked with all the windows performance settings, power options, nvidia options)
1) First RMA: Touch Pad was ripped partially off right out of the box.
2) Second RMA: Video and sound stutters when computer is unplugged, (Even when watching youtube, netflix, and dvd). Cause was apparently a motherboard malfunction.
3) Touchpad was broken. If you swiped your finger, it registers that you have touched it but the cursor goes haywire.
4) The video and sound should have been fixed, but the problem still persists after I've received the computer back again. This time, even when the power is plugged in, there are still random video stutters.

Maybe I'm just having a string of bad luck, but the customer service's promise to have someone call me but didn't 8 times, then denied request, will cause me to never buy another IBM related product again.

Found someone with the same issue with customer service:
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  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I recently spent $1400 myself on a new convertible tablet (Dell XPS 12) and needless to say, if I had those issues, I'd be livid as well.
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