RAID x - what to do after mobo crash or pc change


i have following question. Im thinking about RAID 0 or RAID 10 with 4 Disks, controlled by mobo chipset (intel matrix) ...

If i would run some of these raids, and i decide to change the whole computer HW /due to hw issue or ... / can i
put these 4 drives on other NEW mobo and will the ALL DATA be there ? Im not sure of these, because when im making RAID on my current mobo, it says all data will be lost, when creating RAID volume .. Will the modo detect this existing RAID volume self ?

(Of course OS may not be work well due to HW change ... but thats not problem ..)

THx fo answer ...
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  1. As long as the new mobo uses an intel raid chipset then you should be fine. boot the mobo and make sure SATA is set to RAID. Disable any kind of quickboot and the Intel chipset should report your ARRAY on startup.
  2. All the data might still be there, but if your OS is also on the RAID array then chances are the OS will not boot on the new mobo (due to things like driver inconsistencies). To get around that you will either need to do a reinstall of your OS, or if you are running windows do a repair install of the OS. Just something to keep in mind

    Edit: Personally, if you do end up switching mobo's i would highly recommend saving all your important data on an external hard drive before you switch them out, just to make sure you dont lose anything important.
  3. ok, thanx for answers ...
  4. I had a RAID 0 on my P5B Deluxe WiFi/AP with the Intel ICH8R and upgraded to the Rampage Formula with the ICH9R and I did not have a problem. I just set the SATA to RAID and then go into BIOS and set RAID to boot and Presto it booted. I had to reactivate Windows but it did work.

    But I do not recommend that unless your MB dies. and you can recover your files and then reformat.

    My P4C800 deluxe dies I have 2 200Gig IDE drives in a RAID on the Promise PDC20378 controller. To recover from that I had to purchase Active@ File Recovery and rebuilt the RAID via software and recovered the files.

    Toms did a RAID upgrade artical,1594.html

    This may help

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