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After having another WD Book crash and loosing data. This time I want to use this as a lesson learned. I began searching the web and believe that I would like a hot swapable external enclosure that would hold 2 Sata 1 terabyte drives using raid

Any feedback on a reasonably priced *reliable unit... aside from adding the hard drives I am looking for Plug and Play type unit.

Reliable being key...

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  1. The only vendor online I know (wouldn't know if they're reliable) are cooldrives.com.
  2. That is one of the companies... from online feedback appears to be a no no ;) I am finding quite a few units available however it would be nice to hear something from folks that owned one for a while.

  3. Hmmmm... sorry if I can't be of more help. Maybe this bump will catch the attention of the other knowledgeable peeps :D
  4. First, what interface do you need? (USB, FireWire...)
    What RAID mode do you plan to use?
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