Problems with E6600 on P5B @ 3.2, noob needs help!!!

Hi, nice forum, already viewed lots you guys seem really cool and knowledgeable!

Basically found i've been running out of cpu power in my DAW, (do lots of audio work) so i decided that cuz i can't afford a quad at the mo i'll have a little go at overclocking!

So read a few online guides and they all said, leave stuff on auto for the min untill you get to a speed your happy with, then start tweaking to get better voltages etc. So went and got a freezer pro 7, etc, fitted it and started to over clock. got to 3.2 (355x9 @ 1.37v in CPU-Z), happy, but hopefully could go faster if poss! So turned comp off when to bed, next day turned pc on and, pc now POSTs okay but it turns off first...

It basically turns on, then off, then on again after 4 seconds (ish). Then POSTs and loads windows etc. Now everything is set to auto (pretty much did everything said here [...] als-guide), but not touched the vcore or any other setting yet.

I am using the Asus P5B, like the bog standard one, hence I have no control over most of the voltages. Obviously I have control over FSB and Vcore and memory voltage and timing, so i am wondering if it might but something to do with NB or SB voltages.

The memory is XMS2 (3Gb, 2x1gb and 2x512) at 1:1 (its running at 355 (710) with some slack timings 5-6-6-18 auto set) at 1.9v (i've just set that manually to see if it makes a difference (it was at 1.8v on auto) hopefully i'm going to set timing etc manually later.

It seems stable, i'm gonna run prime for a few hours etc, might run memtest too, but i'm not too fussed about it being ultra stable for 24hours plus etc as its never on for more than 10 hours MAX!

Is this abnormal boot thing a problem or do you reckon its okay to leave it like it is. My gut feeling is that something is needing extra power/voltage/whatever thus its taking a bit longer to power up?!?!

PSU is Corsair HW 520, got three HDs and a ATI X850XT, so i'm sure that power isn't a problem.

Any help would be amazing as I'm new at this and keen to run more plugins!!!

I'm wondering if a better mobo is the answer!!! Oh still on original BIOS rev, not updated it yet; scared of screwing things up!!!

Cheers people :hello:
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  1. I cannot speak for Asus motherboards, but when I was building my newest PC: Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3P, Q6600 OC'd to 3.6 GHz; I saw a similar thing. Whenever I would overdo the settings, it would turn on, shut itself down for a few seconds, and restart with less aggressive BIOS settings.

    Could something similar be what is happening?
  2. erm i think the settings are staying the same. if it dosn't boot at all it will reset its self with default setting but thats not whats happening, its seems stable after the weird boot. prime runs fine with load temps around 50.
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