Needed, Motherboard with dual onboard graphics

Hi guys,

Rather urgently, I need a new Motherboard for, my Mother...
This is made slightly more dificult as I am on the other side of the planet (UK) for last 4 years and have lost touch with the Home PC market. (My laptop does me)

I am looking for your opinions on what are the latest motherboards with the following requirements (i have given up on the manufactures websites and I don't know exactly what i am looking for)

Brand : GigaByte/Asus (yes, brand slave but open minded)
Video: Dual Onboard VGA and DVI outputs for dual screen/dualview? (not mirrored)
Socket: 775 (as I already have sourced a chip, thank you Jimbo)

This is not going to be a gaming machine (unless you count FreeCell and Minesweaper) but will be used for Hi-Def video playback and surfing the internet on a 22" samsung and a 17" lcd TV, hence the need for 2 ports

All help is gratefully received,

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  1. you can use the newer onboard graphics on an AMD 780g at the same time a card is plugged in, almost NO boards have dual graphics. Almost ALL new video cards have 2 ports also.
  2. I'd just buy a video card and be done with it, most can run non mirrored dual displays.
  3. Like you said, you already had a Intel CPU, go with this mobo GA-G33M-S2H. This board had an analog and DVI output. Also some nVidia based mobo like this one GA-73PVM-S2 support dual monitor, for Intel CPU.

    For HD playback, hope your CPU is good, since the support in the G33 isn't the best. It should be the same that nVidia.

    The best for the HD decoding is 780G fromATI for AMD, m8200 from nVidia for AMD and G35 from Intel for Intel.

    780G is available right now, the m8200 not release yet and G35 cost more than 780G and consume more power and is crappy intel video 3D performance.
  4. Any budget video card will do you.
  5. dude, this guy wants decent graphics because he wants to watch hd content, get a 9600gt for like 100 USD. it will allow u to game well, decode ur hd movies as well as regular hd from dvds, blurays, hd dvd if u still have, over networks, off hard drives, etc. also, u can use more than one display, they wont be mirrored, u can put them by each other to extend ur real estate or whatever u like. graphics cards are so cheap now, u wont regret getting an 9600gt, it wont suck ram because it has dedicated, and 3d applications will excel and exceed expectations. ull also get color correction, etc for realer video. i belive it works. better image quality then integrated. u can even play the newest games at good image quality and good resolutions too. it has 2 dvi ports, and comes with 2 dvi to vga ports
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