Which heat sink for Q9300?

Any suggestion for a heat sink for a Q9300 build? I understand these chips run much cooler than the 65 nm chips - I will push to maybe 3.5GHz at the most on my Q9300.

I really would like a heat sink/fan that (a) runs quiet, (b) fits comfortably on a Gigabyte DS4 and in a Antec P182, (c) can be controlled and auto-regulated from the mobo and (d) is reasonably priced (aka <$40). I was looking at the AC Freezer Pro which does very well cooling but some folks have indicated that noise is high. Given that I am using a 'cooler' chip without extreme overclocking, what would meet my needs? There are so many choices out there that this noob is dazed and confused...
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  1. Freezer 7 Pro would probably work fine, but consider the Xigmatech HDT-S1283 that's only slightly more expensive but gives much greater performance.

  2. tuniq tower
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