Western Digital Caviar Green 1.5TB Hard Disk Drive SATA 32MB Cache (WD

Hi there

Hoping to add this to a PC with an old SATA drive made around 2005

Its got XP Media centre on it

This has got some good reviews but is it the best to install as do not want any major install issues

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  1. It should just be a simple case of putting it in the case and connecting the power and sata cables. If it is at all going to be fiddly I would blame the case over the HDD. What is your case?
  2. Hi there

    Sorry do you mean the part holding drive?

    Are these not standard?

  3. I would personally get a wd caviar blue than a green. Greens are quite slow so as to consume less power and create less noise. Blacks use a lot of power and create a huge amount of noise but perform the best. Blue is the sweet spot between green and black. Also WDs are very reliable.
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