Q6600 temps high? w/o OC and with arctic freezer 7 pro!

Hello i have a Q6600, a gigabyte p35-ds3l mobo, 4 gb ram, 8800 gt vid card. I have a Arctic Freezer 7 pro cooler on my CPU and it runs at about 50c at idle without any overclocking...That seems very high to me. I just went and bought some antec formula 5 silver compound, and no change, i have reseated the heatsink and fan numerous times and no change, i even took the mobo out of the case to make sure the pins were all the way in. I have a 120mm fan blowing in the front and one blowing out the back, i have a 80mm fan blowing in and down on the cpu from the side. I do not know what else to do. Please help, i bought this arctic cooler so i could OC and the temps are the same as they were with the stock cooler!
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  1. Your supposed to let the thermal compound "set" itself for a while how long did you wait before you reseated and reapplied the thermal paste? im pretty sure it needs a few days (maybe a week) to be fully set and the temps should lower. by all means correct me if im wrong
  2. Got to ask... what are you using to measure the temps?

    and although it wont change by much giving it a week or so should lower temps by a little more.
  3. its staying steady at 46-47c under idle, i am using coretemp and hwmonitor and both say the same things,

    coretemp- 46 42 39 39
    hwmonitor- 46 42 39 39

    these are high with the arctic cooler, right?
  4. well the q6600 is a hot cpu. i dont really worry about temps unless my cpu is idle at 50+ or going over 55 at full load. you can try upgrading the fans in your case or cleaning up the wiremess. i think the cpu fan can pick up a lot of heat off of the ram. if you have 4 sticks they can make a lot of heat

    did you try turning up the fan speed
  5. you shouldnt get that temp!check if all pin is pushed in fully as 1 of the feet is pretty stiff to push in after the other 3 have been pushed in.i have experienced before the pin look they are pushed in but i accidently i kisk lightly kick my case i heard a sound and saw the cooler is hanging off!!!:O

    as my Q6600 i overclocked it to 3ghz with 1.34v vcore it idle at 34C with Speedstep off.so you have a problem.have you got a vantilated case?make sure fan is spinning!(if you havent already look!!!)

    but the cpu is not going to pick up that much of heat even with thouse ram setup.max 10C rise above "normal" condition.

    and make sure the Vcore voltage is set at your VID as i have seen so many problem with Gigabyte board with it super over optimistic auto voltage.most of the time its set too high!!!
  6. my case is ventilated, like i said i got a front vent with a 120 mm fan blowing in, a back vent with a 120 mm blowing out, 2 side vents with one with a 80 mm fan blowing on the cpu. the ram made no difference i even took 2 gig out(the 2 closest to the cpu) and no change. The temp is the same as it was with the stock cooler. I even took the board out and looked at the bottom to make sure the push pins were all the way in. All of my fans are running just fine.
  7. also, my VID is 1.32, does that make a difference, seems a little high..
  8. maybe your heatsink and cpu is not in fully contact.lapped it or return the cooler and get a replacement.the vid that high wouldnt push the temp that high at idle.

    how much is load temp??
  9. i ran prime 95 for 2 minutes on the hardest test and the cpu wouldnt get past 67c, thats with the cpu OC'ed to 3.0ghz. The temp doesnt get any worse when the chip is oced, isnt that weird? i also turned the cpu fan to max and the chip is down to 45c idle oced at 3 ghz. is that temp ok?
  10. I got the same cooler and same results.

    Mine is slightly concave and has deep scratches from manufacturing. Its not polished smooth at all. Its closer to sand paper. Put stock cooler on and it worked 42c idle from 2.0-3.0 OC.

    I'm gonna lap it and smooth it out one of these days.
  11. mnymn3, just a few observations:

    Is your Q6600 a G0 Stepping?
    What is your ambient?
    What is your Frequency?
    What is your Vcore?
    What is your CPU (not Core) temperature?
    Core 0 is untypically higher than Core 1.
    It's normal for Cores 0 & 1 to be a just few degrees higher than Cores 2 & 3.
    Did you test with all fans at 100% RPM using Prime95 Small FFT's?

    The following Scale for the Q6600 G0 is from the Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/221745-29-core-quad-temperature-guide

    Section 6: : Tcase Max 71c, Stepping G0

    --70--/--75--75--75--75-- Hot
    --65--/--70--70--70--70-- Warm
    --60--/--65--65--65--65-- Safe
    --25--/--30--30--30--30-- Cool

    Comp :sol:
  12. It is very possible that idle temp is due to a high ambient temp, as he never mentioned what that is. Also what is the temp inside the computer case?

    Unless it is over 70c when prime 95 is running on all cores, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

    I think were so used to seeing idling temps in the 30's when someone isnt idling that low, they think something is wrong.

    Something is only wrong if

    1. Your temp goes above 70c and starts having rebooting issues at idle or full throttle.

    2. YOu smell something burning and your computer will no longer turn post no matter what you do.

    so yeah, while its not as cool as it could be its certainly not " a problem".

  13. yes it is a G0

    im not too sure how to tell my ambient...

    cpu is at 3ghz

    vcore is 1.28 volts, vid is 1.325

    yes my core 0 is slightly higher than the rest

    where is my actual cpu temp listed? on hwmonitor is that the TMPIN0 and TMPIN1 temps? if so they are 39c and 34c repsectively.

    i ran prime95 with small fft my TMPIN1 temp rose to 51 and stayed, my core 0 rose to 65c and stayed, this is with all my fans on high. so according to that scale, im in the safe area.
  14. Can you estimate your room (ambient) temperature? Also, in your instance, TMPIN1 is your CPU (Tcase) temperature.
  15. my room is about 24c
  16. All the temperatures in my Temp Guide are referenced to 22c, which is Standard Ambient. If we correct your temperatures to Standard Ambient, and correct CPU 0 to the value of Core 1 due to being factory miscalibrated, then your Load temperatures would be as follows:

    CPU = 51c
    Core 0 = 63
    Core 1 = 63
    Core 2 = 59
    Core 3 = 59

    Would this look right?

    Also, don't get hung up on the VID... check my sig.
  17. yea thats about what im at give or take a degree , thanks for your help understanding all this.
  18. Are you Load testing with case covers removed? Also, you can use the Temp Guide to calibrate your temperatures.
  19. no, case covers are all on, the only way i can get close to those temps is to have the cpu fan running at 100 %, is that gonna be ok?
  20. mnymn3 said:
    no, case covers are all on, the only way i can get close to those temps is to have the cpu fan running at 100 %, is that gonna be ok?

    , if your computer is in a desk compartment, or is positioned in any kind of an environment which would restrict the computer from normal room temperature air flow, then for troubleshooting purposes, and for accurate temperature comparisons, it's necessary to correct any such restrictions, at least temporarily.

    The primary objective here, with repect to the title of your thread, is to find your lowest possible CPU temperature and Core temperatures at Load. As has already been suggested, this means case covers removed, and all fans at 100% RPM.

    This is the only way to level the playing field. Run Prime95 Small FFT's again, and let's see what you get. If the temps drop, then you've identified computer case cooling as the problem, however unlikely this variable may appear to you now. Until you try this troubleshooting step, computer case cooling remains an unknown factor.

    Comp :sol:
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