installing E8400 right now on new mobo NEED HELP

alright guys well i have my E8400 ready for installment. I dont know whats going on here but i know that your supposed to line up the triangles with each other but i cant seem to locate them on my board. Can anyone help? ill post some pictures.

the processor (triangle is in bottom left corner)

Mobo: (corner piece missing from top right side)

afaik im supposed to line up the triangle with the corner piece cut away...
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  1. the gold arrow on the green pcb points at the memory in the lower left corner

    the triangle on the mobo white socket lines up with the gold one

    the 2 slots will align with the notches

    hold the cpu with 2 fingers
    index on top
    thumb on the bottom
    slide the cpu in the left side and lay it down towards the memory

    the gold triange will be to the right of your tumb
  2. There are the two tabs on the sides of the socket which fit into the two cutouts on the sides of the CPU and it only fits one way.
  3. thanks guys i got it earlier. it was my first time he he (lmao)

    i got the hard drive in there the proc hsf ram. still waitin on the graphics card though. now i just have to connect the rest of the wires (which im pretty confused on lol)
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