What tool to overclock Nvidia cards in Vista?

What is the favorite tool or tools to overclock Nvidia Video cards in Vista 32 bit? I am sorta new to upscale video cards althought not new to overclocking in general. (I still have my P55T2P4 out in the garage somewhere) So I was wondering what tools are used and what the process is or if there is a link that explains the process? I want to first try to overclock an old 6600 because I have several of them and I am not scared of breaking it. Then I might try my new 9600GT.

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  1. i believe ntune would be good to overclock ur nvidia card.
  2. Ntune, you get it from Nvidia, and you won't break it, just don't shoot for the world record right away.
  3. Is that all there is to it? <<<<Reaching for my easy button>>>>

    What about coolbits, and riva tuner, and ATITool, and another tool I read could modify and save a bios, etc? Is any of that stuff useful or necessary?
  4. Coolbit and the new GFX divers don't like each other.
    Just use nTune and it lets you adjust -all- Nvidia IC's even the ones on the MB.
  5. I have a 9600GT and I'm using nTune 5.05.54 to overclock the card and it's great. I was able to get to 715mhz gpu and 1015 (or 2030 in ddr). Running benches with no problems. Never tried to get past that as it doesn't increase performance that much than a cpu overclock can.

    In 3DMark05, I get 400 more points from the 9600gt overclock and 4500 more points from a cpu overclock.
    In 3DMark06, I get about 200 more points from the 9600gt overclock and about 1000 more points from a cpu overclock.
  6. I use Rivatuner.
  7. I as well use the latest Rivatuner. It works great, I have to authorize it when windows boots but not a big deal.
  8. OK does ntune have to be set with each reboot? Or is there a way to save the settings?
  9. RivaTuner v2.08
    I've never used nTune but heard some bad things (Evga Forums)
    Use what ever works for you.
    Info for RivaTuner:


  10. I use nTune from nVidia as well. No problems with VIsta 32bit or Vista 4 bit. I have used both on the same machine.

    Currently using Vista 64 and oc my 8800 GTS to 635 mhz / 920 ram when gaming

    I also use it to set the fan speeds when gaming.
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