Win XP Pro Does NOT Complete Installation--- HELP!!

Hi Everyone. I have a Sony Vaio that came with Windows XP Home edition and I upgraded to SP3. I recently got the OS infected and Now
I am doing a Clean Install of Windows XP Pro (SP3) from the CD. I printed the Install steps online and this is the Problem I am having.

Windows XP Pro starts the Installation, After the Step "Finalizing Installation" My Computer Rebots to go into "Welcome to Windows Set-up Screen", But Instead of going to that step, My Computer Rebots and Goes to the Windows Desktep and It looks like its in SAFE MODE!!!

I have tried to re-install XP Pro Over and over again. I did a clean install and This happens every time. It does not let me go to the "WELCOME TO WINDOWS STEP" So I can set-up windows and Complete the Install. Instead after the Finalizing Windows install step my computer reboots and goes to the Desktop and Looks like its in SAFE MODE.

Has anyone experienced this before???
How can I Fix this issue so Windows XP Pro will Install Successfully????

Please help!!!

Thank you for your help!!!

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  1. Go with it.

    If you can start Windows at all, and you think you are in safe-mode, it will say "Safe Mode" in the 4 corners of the screen.

    Go to Control Panel, User accounts, and make yourself an account. Make yourself an Administrator. Do not add a password... yet.
    While you are there, click the link to change the way users login or off. Have both "Use the Welcome Screen" and "Use fast User Switching" enabled. Re-start Windows.

    Maybe now it will start normally. It may look like safe-mode because there are no drivers installed yet. Install the chipset driver first, then Framework (as so many video drivers require it now-days), then the video driver, then sound, then a newer version Direct-X 9.
    It should start looking like Windows about now when you re-start.

  2. I guess it was the drivers...

    Thanks alot, It works great now....
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