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I have the Gateway GT5636E... lists the components... for current psu

I just ordered a PNY 8800GTS card, which says it requires at least 28A. This current psu in the system can not exceed 30A total, so I'm thinking I need to upgrade to a better psu. What would be some good low cost alternatives? thnx...
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  1. I run an 8800 GTS 640 on a 375 watt 30 amp Dell psu with no problems.
  2. Any problems w/ the system though (as in a little slower or artifacts on anything?) I'm not the greatest at the electrical stuff... know enough to be dangerous, not enough to be good on computers.
  3. I was looking at this one...

  4. Yes you need to beef up the power supply. Power Supplies degrade over time so one barely strong enough when new will likely be the cause a many very annoying problems in the future. Here is the power supply I just put in a friends computer, its a great PSU for the price. It will give you plenty of room for future upgrades as well with a 40a 12v rail:

    After reading your specs, I wouldn't trust a Quad core and an 8800GTS to that PSU.
  5. This is a much better quality psu for the price:

    Its not a guarantee any aftermarket psu will fit in a prebuilt case. If you can buy locally that would be more convenient to be able to take back and get what you need if it doesnt work.
  6. If you notice Gateway FX540XV with a Q6600 and an 8800GT uses a 700w PSU. I would be willing to bet the BFG is a better PSU than the Delta brand they use.
    I think for a budget PSU I would put my luck with BFG over Coolmax. BFG has a life time warranty that is pretty rare for a PSU.

    englandr makes a good point, sometimes manufacturers like Dell and Gateway will use odd ball PSUs. The one he has chosen is good however a little light on the total wattage. It is a good brand for budget a PSU.
    I really don't like buying power supplies so I try to buy a good enough one to last me a few small upgrades like a new video card. Ideally if you have the money this is one of the best for brands and its power exceeds its ratings.
  7. Is that system SLI? You could go with a 650 watt corsiar. That is more than enough for any single gpu setup to date.

    Im running 2 8800 GTX ANS3 cards on a 700 watt psu and they require 2 pci express power dongles each. Only one other setup takes more juice than mine and thats the 8800 Ultras SLId.

    I do agree that its better to have more power than you need than not enough so if its in your budget to overkill a little, then go for it... ;)
  8. Lucky for us, Jonnyguru has a review for both of these PSUs.

    If you want to know why the Corsair units are being recommended by just about everyone, this review should do it. Its not that the BFG is bad, but the Corsair is just so much better. I'd probably chose the Corsair over the BFG as I won't have to worry about the warranty if/when the PSU went south.

    It might be only a 450W PSU, but it has 33A on the 12V rail. The 8800GT only needs 26, so there is some headroom available. I personally would chose this one.

    No rebates, same $70 price tag, and one extra amp on the 12V rail. Either the corsair or the seasonic would be fine.
  9. m2moore said:
    Any problems w/ the system though (as in a little slower or artifacts on anything?) I'm not the greatest at the electrical stuff... know enough to be dangerous, not enough to be good on computers.

    None at all, at the same cpu speeds the Dell usually outscores my custom ( when outfitted with the same card ) by an average of 50-70 3D marks.
  10. My system can't do SLI, so the PNY 8800GTS will be the only video card I have... the specs said it requires at least 28A. Do have to try to stay w/in a reasonable amount to appease the wife, so looking at a reasonably priced psu option.
  11. You cant really go much lower than what has been mentioned above, at least for a quality psu. If you do go cheaper then you are most likely getting a less reliable psu...
  12. Sorry, didn't mean to mislead... price range is more or less about right... what would be the least amount of A I should be looking for on the psu for my system? That'll at least allow me to gauge price versus increased perforamnce. The corsair does look pretty good, also curious about OCZ, such as or Item=N82E16817341012&Tpk=OCZ500SXS or or would the Corsair 450w mentioned above be better? This Corsair looks good too...

    Sorry, really am a noob at this stuff, so appreciate the help.
  13. If I were you Id go with the Corsair 550 watt. But thats me. There are other good psus out there and the ones mentioned in previous posts will do you fine. Pick one that fits your budget the best.
  14. Thnx englandr753 for the advice/help
  15. Not a problem. The other guys had good advice too. Im sure they are like me and enjoy helping others about as much as they like helping themselves. Being here and taking time to resolve other peoples issues proves that... ;)
  16. Absolutely, no disrespect meant to any... appreciate all help & comments. There's so much more to this kind of stuff than I ever really thought about for my first couple of computers. Thnx to all. One final question for you englandr, and that's would the 450w ps mentioned be enough for the quad core & 8800gts? thnx.
  17. It should be but as another mentioned it may be best to get a little more headroom and go for the Corsair 550 watt psu instead, just to make sure. Id rather have a little too much than not enough anyday.

    If you have access to a local Microcenter you can get their 750 watt that is normally 179.99 that is marked down to 144.99 and has a 45.00 rebate making it 99.99.

    I got one today ... ;)
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