OC e5200

New to OC'ing.
Bought a budget setup.
Want to get the most out of it.
Don't wanna fry anything.

Here's the build:

-P5Q- Pro


-2x1g pc6400

-Antec EW 500

Going to the use the stock HS and Fan. Bought some MX-2 thermal compound as well.

This is my primary 24/7 rig and am looking for some stable numbers to shoot for.

Whaddya think?
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  1. funnily enough, i cant get mine to post @ 240fsb x 12.5x multi = 3.0ghz, nor can i get it to post at 333x9 or 400x6 :??: very disappointing but i havent given up yet :D

    btw the stock HS is retarded. i reckon even the 65nm core 2 stock hs would oc that like a monster but that is just a tiny piece of aluminium. doesnt even have a copper base! WTF! (S1283 ftw :D)
  2. stock heat sink with MX-2???? LOL..... I think you're missing the point here....

    If you want to OC and have it stable, then invest in the HS. The MX-2 with stock just like...... *there isn't even a phrase to describe this*
  3. The thing won't oc with the stock hs?
  4. well it will but to get a long life and high oc out of it you will need a good HS... well worth it imo.
  5. Alright, need a hs. Just ordered a Freezer 7 from the egg.

    Still looking for good numbers to shoot at with this setup.
  6. Mine runs prime stable at 300x12 at 1.38 v, stock hsf, temps 37 idle, hi 50s to low 60s under load(tjmax 100). I can even boot fine and play crysis with it clocked to 3.9ghz, just it wont pass prime test. I think that up to 3.4-3.6 you should be fine on stock cooling. Venom, ive noticed with mine that it doesnt like high fsb settings, with 315 being the absolute max regardless of multiplier: it wont boot at 333x6 but boots and works fine at 315x12.5 What mobo do u have?
  7. Why the Freezer 7? Should have gotten a XIGMATEK S1283. It is far better than the Freezer Pro. You SHOULD be able to hit 3Ghz easily on E5200. 3.6-3.8Ghz, may be.
  8. Why not use Arctic Silver?
  9. Umm well I picked up an E5200 and a GA-EP45-UD3P this past week. I forgot to order thermal compound and so in the mean time I put the stock cooler on it. I've got it running 12.5x256 for 3.2 ghz. Prime95 at a max of 58 degrees in an antec 900. I thought that was pretty good considering looking at stock heatsink. I'll see what it can do with better cooling as soon as my thermal compound gets here.
    I'm hopping to run it 24/7 at 3.6 but we shall wait and see. Going to do some fsb tests as well. The 12.5x multi is really nice.
  10. habitat87 said:
    @op Don't feel bad about the hsf. I'm using a $10 hsf that keeps the temps down really good. That's fine what you have, trust me, lol. Nice mobo btw.

    Can't get past 315? I only had that problem with my other motherboard. I can boot up to 395fsb x 10 stable now. What mobo are you people using?

    What really irritates me but I know that it really doesn't make a huge difference is that I can come really close to 4.0 ghz, but at 4.0 ghz, it's never stable! ~3.98 ghz prime 95 stable is the farthest I've gone, but I turn it down a bit for maximum stability.

    I feel the same about my E8500, doesnt make a bit of difference but it annoys me that i can hit 4400 stable but 4.5 is no go, no way :lol:
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