Problem with XpertVision 8600GTS and Vista 64


I have the XpertVision "8600GTS 256MB Dual-link DVI" card which works well with Vista 32bit, but shows intermittent screen corruption and occasional BSOD's with Vista 64. I've tried a number of nVidia drivers for this card - the one that Automatic Update applies, the one from the XpertVision web site, the latest from nVidia, even the beta drivers - all have the same issue. The only way to get a stable Vista 64bit with this card is to revert to the default Microsoft drivers which are a real waste with this card.

XpertVision support appears to be 'remote' - from what I can see there's no Customer Support links on the main web site. The German office does have a support email address but they haven't replied.

Here's a pic of the problem:

Has anybody seen this problem before or have any ideas? The card is only 9 months old, so I could return it I guess.


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  1. OK - I tried with a 8600GT card + a "Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 3650 Pro 512MB". Both have exactly the same issues which is weird - Vista 64 has screen corruption and Vista 32bit is fine. I'm guessing the power supply if the next thing to swap out. I have a 550W supply in a "Silentium T1 ECO 80" case.
  2. it's not the gc problem. i have the same issue n i think its the mobo or the harddisk. before the screen becoming this way.. have u heard a sound on ur hdd? or r u ever flash ur mobo bios? if its not the hdd it could be the mobo.. planning getting a new mobo soon...
  3. It was the Motherboard (ASRock Alive). Swapped for a Gigabyte and never seen the problem again.
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