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OCing Q6600 ddr3/1333 ASrock p43twins1600

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November 21, 2008 2:43:49 PM


I have a q6600 and 2 gigs ddr 1333 gold mem and ASrock p43twins1600.

I put these neat lil' VRM sinks on there doesnt it look great haha.
29*c MB temps is that high? I put Antec Silver on my NorthBridge.

I CAN get it to boot at 1333 for the spd of MEM. on 34 and 45 jumper settings, but that's where I'm having trouble and I cant proceed because I dont know good voltages to set this CPU at.

Everest showing me at 1066 =

superpi 1m for good measure.

Are these decent number or can I do better? This is stock with no changes.

I was wondering if you guys could please help me boost these numbers up a wee bit. Not because I want to run 24/7 OC'd but I just want to learn the voltages, with OUR CPU and this DDR3 MEM at 1066 or 1333 because I can't understand how to do it.

Stock is great is pretty zippy, but still sluggish due to stock vista 64bit w no changes yet to regedit or msconfig and whatnot.

Im mostly baffled by what may be considered safe voltages. I tried to jump right in and make small bumps, but Im getting BSOD memory_management all the time.

As you asrockers may know this bios has like, LOW MEDIUM HIGH settings and, y'know, if you fellow asrockr's wouldn't mind giving me a tip or two I'll be extremely thankful.

Thanks. I know Im kinda slow sometimes but I really want to OC it just so I can say I did.

1. How do I OC this q6600 with ddr3? Should I go MEM 1066? 1333 spd? At 1066, I get the highest numbers stock on everest. With no changes to the bios.

2. Can I increase speed of Stock Intel Fan? (ya I know, go aftermarket)
idles at 35*c I havent stressed it much and in the bios i can enable ir disable all that fan crap but it doesnt do anything it seems.

3. Voltage Reccomendations fot his stuff, Id so appreciate it.

4. Lower my Multi? to 8?

5. damit I had another question but I forgot it.

CPU Voltage
Use this to select CPU Voltage. Configuration options: [Auto] and [Manual].
The default value of this feature is [Auto].
DRAM Voltage
Use this to select DRAM Voltage. Configuration options for DDR2 memory
modules: [Auto], [1.79V], [1.85V], [1.90V], [1.96V], [2.02V], [2.08V], [2.14V],
[2.20V], [2.31V], [2.37V], [2.42V], [2.48V], [2.54V], [2.60V], [2.66V] and
[2.72V]. Configuration options for DDR3 memory modules: [Auto], [1.47V],
[1.53V], [1.59V], [1.65V], [1.71V], [1.77V], [1.83V], [1.88V], [1.95V], [2.05V],
[2.11V], [2.17V], [2.23V], [2.29V], [2.34V] and [2.40V]. The default value of
this feature is [Auto].
NB Core Voltage
Use this to select NB Core Voltage. Configuration options: [Auto], [Low], [Middle],
[High] and [Highest]. The default value of this feature is [Auto].
SB Core Voltage
Use this to select SB Core Voltage. Configuration options: [Auto], [Low], [Middle],
[High] and [Highest]. The default value of this feature is [Auto].
SB 1.1V Voltage
Use this to select SB 1.1V Voltage. Configuration options: [Auto], [Low],
[Middle], [High] and [Highest]. The default value of this feature is [Auto].
VTT Voltage
Use this to select VTT Voltage. Configuration options: [Auto], [Low],
[Middle], [High] and [Highest]. The default value of this feature is [Auto].
GLTREF Voltage
Use this to select GLTREF Voltage. Configuration options: [Auto], [0.67 x Vtt],
[0.65 x Vtt], [0.63 x Vtt] and [0.615 x Vtt]. The default value of this feature is


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November 21, 2008 3:14:58 PM

I would be happy with 1333. Asrock isn't the best overclocker. I try to usually drop the memory one notch before increasing the cpu fsb. If you're getting 1333 with the memory running at full speed, that's a pretty good overclock for an asrock. I have that board, but don't run it with ddr3.
November 22, 2008 11:29:15 AM

Ok, so Im back to 1333 ddr3 spd and im getting in the 5000 bandwith, and its noticably slower.

What do I do?

Do I make the FSB 311 x 9? All I want to do like 2.8 to 3.0 OC.

It says boost the RAM volts up to 1.9. I have a 1.88+ setting on manual.

How do I set the jumpers? keep both at 5-5 for max 1600 FSB compatibilty? I think thats what I have to do.

So Im gonna do

1. 5-5 jumpers for max FSB at 1600

2. Set SPD of RAM to 1333

3. Juice sticks to 1.88 or maybe one two notches more?

4. 311 x 9 or 8 for multi

5. Juice other Volts

5. Manual says MB supports unlinked RAM to CPU mode but where is that setting in BIOS?

I would exchange the RAM but, I cut the UPC for rebate lol.
December 13, 2011 9:13:57 AM

hii was just falling on this damn board and same hier just cant get it to work eawen if i start defaulth settings cpu/ram

333x9 3gig and ram 667/1333 no chace to start the windows but if i put the ddr3 ram to 400/800 than yes seems to be that the board steel thinks i hawe DDR2 inside

ajjajajajajajaaaaa the worst asrock board for oc ......100% fail i cant eawen go over 420 FSB with my older board i was on asus P5Q-E was perfect for OC, 460x9 E8400 :)  working daily 7/7 iwe just went to damn DDR3 thought maby my DDR2 hawe no moore juice for moore overclocking

:(  baaddd p43twins 1600 my ass...