Dell Dimension 4600 hard drive died

I called Dell to get a HD replacement and was told a 310 gig would work in 4600 model. I installed the drive, went into setup and switched bootup to cdrom and it would not boot up. Called Dell tech and was told it would not support that size drive. Not sure what to believe at this point. Anyone else had this problem with Dell's tech support and sales departments. This is my last Dell to be sure.
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  1. The 4600 might only support up to 250GB-320GB HDDs.
  2. Not booting from a CD ROM has nothing to do with the hard drive size, double check the boot order in the BIOS and check that the CD ROM is bootable.
  3. 1. There cannot be a hard drive size limit for a computer. It depends on OS.
    2. Neither there cannot be a 'support' decision made be its hard drive size.

    Above are nonsense responses and I think the ones you talked to are simply hired people who don't have knowledge on computers. You should continuously ask for a tech guy (who really knows stuffs) don't even waste time on simple representatives who responds with ignorance.

    MrLinux is right.
  4. Older motherboards have size limits, such as a ECS motherboard I have. It only supports up to 250GB HDDs on the IDE channel.
  5. +1, same incident with my friends computer when we trying to upgrade his old AMD computer. It can be limited. How stupid........^_^
  6. You are correct on the limitations.,...check out this article I found,2817,1159110,00.asp
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