Which Antec Case should I get

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  1. They should all be good... it all really depends on how much stuff you need to put in and your personal tastes.

    Here's a mini P180 size comparison:
  2. Oh nice. Do you got those? the mini p180 looks sleek.
  3. Nope, googled it. :P
  4. For gaming or general use?

    Gaming, I'd go with this if your destined to use Antec:


    I have the Antec 900 and its hard to beat the airflow.

    for general use I think any of the 3 u have selected would be good. The 1st case would most likely be my choice. I think its the more popular choice followed by your 3rd selection then the 2nd being last.

    If you have a lot of room for a big case take a look at this one. Its very popular with gamers and I just got it myself:


    Huge case compared to the Antec 900 but very, very nice and a lot of room.

    I know you asked for selections from just the 3 links above but I always like to give someone options to make sure they have thought thru before spending their hard earned money...
  5. that case is hardcore lol looks insane.

    I'll see if I can find that antec cheaper. but what do you think of the coolermaster 690 .
  6. I am still using an Antec case that I bought like 3 years ago, I dread the day that I must replace it (It has been home to so many motherboards...)

    I like the ease of the slide in drive bays the drop out hard drive cage, I could go on but it just makes life so much better when the case is easy to work with.

    This is the closest thing I could find to what mine is.


    I have to say something easy to work in is the first thing I look at for cases, the second thing is sharp edges... the last thing is the Power supply but the power supplies that come with cases 99.99% of the time are total junk... upgrade to decent one when you get a chance (although Antec uses its its own PS's I think they use the cheapest ones they make for the cases wich are probably still better then some PS's out there... a 500 watt PS that only puts out 500 watt's at 10 degrees celcius...)
  7. Lol I am offended you didn't even consider the 900 case.
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